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#5313968 Battle City Multiplayer

Posted by on 05 October 2016 - 02:10 AM

Battle City Multiplayer






Preview in YouTube



The 1985 Namco's classic game comes back now with internet support!


  • Play alone or with a friend over the internet.
  • Simple built-in chat.
  • Additional options like friendly-fire, number of lives and starting level.
  • You can unlock via the configuration file an "unrestricted join mode" where you can connect as many friends as you like (this could make the game unplayable, though).


About the project:

I started with this project several months ago as a learning curve for me, as this is my first full game ever and first time working with LibGdx.
I learned a lot along the way and I hope is the first of many games I'm planning to make.

This release is not finished in any way. 
The code, for the most part (especially the network code), is not very well optimized (or at all in some cases) as I was just testing and learning along the way. Maybe in the future I'll re-do it from scratch.

But don't despair! I played the game just fine in single player mode and with a friend over the internet and it worked okey (although it will vary depending on your internet connection).

So, play it, enjoy it and tell what you think!

The source code is at GitHub.

Side noteSome features from the original game are changed or left out on purpose, so don't complain about it!