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In Topic: Voxel game engine built in C# / OpenGL

19 July 2012 - 09:01 AM

Released a new version 0.2.371 and 3 new multiplayer videos yesterday. Thanks to everyone thats tried it. Still looking for more people to try it out and get some more feedback.

In Topic: Voxel game engine built in C# / OpenGL

13 July 2012 - 09:45 AM

I definitely agree with you, right now its very similar to Minecraft. We've tried to concentrate on the voxel engine aspect of it, performance etc. for now and have intentionally avoided adding any gameplay yet. As we just recently released a version for people to use, I was expecting a lot of issues and bugs to fix, however have been pleasantly surprised. So far close to 100 people have tried it and nothing beyond a couple very minor bugs has been reported.

I think Minecraft is a great game though, the main thing I find missing in it though is you run out of a purpose to do anything. When I used to play the original Warcraft back in the day my favourite strategy was having peons chop a line through trees so I could sneak attack the other bases with catapults. Maybe not the most effective strategy, but I always found myself doing it. Being able to chop trees made the maps a tiny bit transformable. I think the possibilities for a RTS game with a 100% transformable world are pretty interesting.