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Strategy Game - Unit Damage

29 May 2013 - 09:33 AM

Which would you rather have in a strategy game?

- Fixed unit damage (ie 8 HP per hit)

- Unit damage range (ie 6-10 HP per hit)


My thoughts:

Randomness always concerns me in gaming.  I don't want a player to feel like they lost due to luck.  Because of this, I currently have fixed damage.  HOWEVER, I have been thinking about games like Axis and Allies or Risk and how terrible they would be if there were no dice rolls.  If the team with the most units won every time, you would lose the drama of underdog victories or crushing defeats.  The outcome of battles would be predetermined by the team with the most powerful (or most) units.


What are everyone's thoughts on this?  Should there be some randomness to attack damage or should it be fixed?  Should the team that goes in with the advantage win every time or should there be a chance for an upset?