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In Topic: Custom Physics: Preventing objects from losing velocity in certain situation

13 April 2014 - 01:11 AM

Thank you for your replies-oppinions.


What I'm going to do is to prioritize the collision response of the objects that have largest area overlapped. This is most likely to solve the other problem(I hope).


P.S Randy nice tutorial you have written. It was really easy to follow and everything took place in my head. Good job.



In Topic: Good Electronics Projects for Beginners

16 June 2013 - 01:49 AM

Raspberry PI is fun but its tricky to power it if you are not lucky like me.

All of the charges in my house were giving ~4.70V and raspberry was constantly getting into random kernel panic.  Its fny that after I powered it with arund 5V it still didn't work. I found that the low voltage had erased random bits on the SD card and the image was corrupted...

And I need to travel ~40 minutes to the closest electronics shop... Yet I'll try to power it by batteries using a linear voltage regulator. If I have time to buy one 0_0...

Still I would recommend it.. Its nice to have linux in your pocket.

In Topic: Oh my glorious code!

15 June 2013 - 12:20 AM

The feeling of finding old code is awesome. Last week I found my old naruto(cuz there are sprites biggrin.png) arena game in Visual Basic. Hah I wrote it when I was 13 or 14. Srsly I had multiplayer and 2 characters biggrin.png, though I didn't know what function is and everything was in one large, really large function(automatically generated from a timer I think, I had found that if I double click it shows me editor and I can start typing smile.png )


PS. I used the deprecated direct draw for drawing... tongue.png. My greatest achievement was the moving camera that is following the character. Ohh also I found a vid of my game: http://youtu.be/gYePr5AMBJE hope you like it biggrin.png

In Topic: distributing my program

09 June 2013 - 12:58 PM

Find an option in VS project settings where the default is Multi-Threaded DLL or Debug Multu-threaded dll. Change it to simple "Multy-Threaded". That should work.

In Topic: Using the message loop in another source file?

09 June 2013 - 01:14 AM

Hello there!

For some reason I don't really understand what you mean but I will try to answer your question...


What is you framework? How is everything working?

+There are many good articles about stuff like this: http://www.gamedev.net/page/resources/_/technical/game-programming/how-to-structure-a-game-r3113

for example... Just pick 2 and read them.


I assume you don't want yout whole game to be in one file and you want to split the things up. First it makes common sence the core game's main loop to be after the initialization function. I wouldn't spli them up. Though every other component would get its own file. I'll give an example on how to do this.



#pragma once

class Entity
   virtual void update(float deltaTime) = 0;
   virtaul void render(/* render context */) = 0;

class Player : public Entity
   void update(float deltaTime);
   void render(/* render context */);

//... and so on...


#include "objects.h"

void Player::update(float deltaTime)
   if(key_pressed('W')) {
  //... and everything else you would like to see in your player
void Player::render(/* context */)
   if(player_visible()) {



#include "objects.h"

void init()

std::list<Entity*> objs;

void loop()
      //handle events
      while(there are messages)
      {   }
      for(auto i = objs.begin(); i != objs.end(); ++i)

void kill()

int main()
   return 0;

Everthing declared can be used, if it is defined somewhere in any of the .cpp files