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In Topic: Eclipse only shows java EE not java SE

14 August 2012 - 05:33 AM

Hello again.

I didn't see an option like that anywhere. Maybe it's because that when you do a project, you should have only one class with the main() method, so basically: yes, you have to check them every time.

However, since you're using Eclipse, then you have some code templates built in (other Java IDEs have them too of course). You can use that to add the main() method a bit faster. When you have a class open, you just have to type "main" in the line, where you want the main() method to appear and press Ctrl+Space (Cmd+Space on a Mac if I remember correctly) and press Enter (choosing the first option from the window that'll appear: "main method").

In Topic: Eclipse only shows java EE not java SE

13 August 2012 - 03:31 AM

Hi Jeffige.

You should have an "add perspective" button in the same upper right corner (a icon of a window with a small yellow plus sign). Click it. This will open the "Open perspective" window. Choose "Java (default)" (or just "Java" sometimes) and you're back in the Java SE perspective. The new project options should adapt nicely. Alternatively you can do the same from the menu:
Window -> Open perspective -> Other... (if the options stated above are not listed) -> Java (default).

Hope this helps. :)

In Topic: 2D brawler: SFML vs SDL vs Allegro vs ClanLib

06 August 2012 - 05:49 AM

Hi Brovar.

A 2D brawler? Something like Little Fighter? ;)

I have the same problem deciding which SDK to use (the ones that you mentioned are "The Big Four"). All of them are multiplatform, all handle threading/timers (in different version though), all have similar capabilities.

The criteria that I'm using right now are
- API complicity (which one of those feels most natural for me);
- dependency complicity (how many dependencies I need to prepare before I'm able to use or build a binary of the given SDK... this is rather a Linux-specific problem);
- availability (which versions of the given SDK are available for the current platform... it's easy for Windows and OS X, but gets a bit complicated for Linux: many distros, many repositories, different update cycles, community support, etc.);

Those criteria, combined with the capabilities the current SDK supplies will give you the full image of the situation.

What I analyzed so far:
- SDL availability for the stable version is nice and there is no problem with dependency availability also; The problem's when you try to use the new SDL (2.0, currently in-dev); Still SDL is quite old and is quite slowly progressing towards version 2.0;
- Allegro has been long forgotten be people (at least it ain't as popular as it was with version 3 or 4) so repository availability in Linux distros is limited; Still I had a lot of fun with this library and the API for versions 3 and 4 felt natural for me. I hope version 5 is also as well written as it's predecesors.
- ClanLib is fairly well supported but some distros have a really old version (like 1.x old, where the current is 2.x); API doesn't seem complex and the SDK itself seems feature-packed and well maintained;
- SFML - heard about that one recently, API seems nice, but didn't check the availability yet;

Still... the availability/dependency problem goes away if you decide to write the game for a single platform (like Windows), which I highly discourage. ;)

Hope I was at least of some help. Posted Image

In Topic: c++ header include to class problem FIXED

02 August 2012 - 02:59 AM

Maybe you should try to include the App.h in the EventHandle.cpp (before or after including EventHandler.h)? Just a guess thought, but there's clearly no reference to App.h in the code you pasted above.

In Topic: Multiplatform game SDK choice

23 July 2012 - 10:38 AM

If I remember correctly, SFML supports threads, works well with C++ and allows OpenGL code. It supports audio and has input handling and it's own 2D graphics handling. I know it works fine on both Windows and Linux (I've compiled on both and tested it).

Seems nice. I'll look in to it too. Thanks. :)