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Multiplatform game SDK choice

22 July 2012 - 03:59 AM

Hello everyone.

I recently started designing a game and I'm thinking about the choice of a SDK that would be multiplatform and that would handle the harder parts of the game logic (threads mainly, but wrappers for other things like graphic handling, OpenGL support, sound handling, input handling also would be nice but not necesarry). The main development environment is Linux for the time being.

I've already got some options like:
  • SDL with C/C++;
  • ClanLib with C++;
The main question is: are there any other SDKs that are worth the attention? It's all mainly about thread handling. I don't have a problem with POSIX Threads myself, but I didn't do stuff like that on other platforms (Windows mainly), hence the need for a wrapping SDK.

When saying "multiplatform" I mean: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X (the big three). The mobile platforms are a separate topic, as the game itself will need to be a bit redesigned for mobile.

Some advice for more experienced people would be very helpful.