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In Topic: What kind of games can I create with my 3 member team that someone may actual...

07 July 2015 - 05:20 PM

I reccomend using Flash or similar low barrier places to rapid prototype games design/interaction ideas. Using a place like FGL or direct publishing to Kongregate can get you a lot of data on your design with minimal work.


Ok, let's say now I have a bunch of ideas that take tens of hours rather than hundreds. FGL seems great. But they seem to mostly care about flash/html5 games, whereas my tool of choice is Unity. I'd like my game to be distributed as standalone and mobile, but not web version (really, who wants to download Unity Web Player...? or am I wrong). FGL doesn't do standalone, right?


I wish someone would make an alphadoku game so I could play it.


I think that will be our first project as I have an unexperienced guy in the team and Alphadoku seems to be the easiest project. So, do you think FGL is a good place for such a game? How YOU would publish it?

In Topic: What kind of games can I create with my 3 member team that someone may actual...

07 July 2015 - 10:31 AM

a study preferably based on some survey and A/B testing also involving monetization may eliminate most problems imo.

How do I A/B test a game idea? What do you mean?

In Topic: [UNCONVENTIONAL] SharpFury Battle Hungered: World's first aviation video...

05 April 2015 - 03:52 AM

Thanks, so I see the best I can do is sell unarmed drones, but with the same capabilities (using virtual battlegield as a race track for example) and organize sone events.. seems pretty cool. Maybe I'd be even possible for people to play remotely on my own flying area. Like you sign up on a website, check your connection and provide some kind of piloting skills proof (might be a test flight in my old, slow indestructable foamy), choose your opponent or even it is chosen randomly for you and at the specified time you fly & fight.

Addressing the crashing issue: at every point in time, pilot can turn off simulated damage and battle related stuff. But of course from the battle's perspective it is as he has bailed out. Looses the battle. Connection loss can also be resolved: the plane isn't blind. It can fly for itself untill connection is regained, or even return to the last place, where it'd good sinal strength. In the most extreme cases, it may shut down everything, switch on external Gps (with its own long-lasting power source) and deploy a kind of parachute or maybe attempt to land.

Thanks for the feedback. It's getting more and more possible to implement.

In Topic: [UNCONVENTIONAL] SharpFury Battle Hungered: World's first aviation video...

03 April 2015 - 05:18 AM

Well, I guess you're right, although FAA is a US organisation and there are still a lot of countries where there even is no law regarding these issues or it is not forbidden to do such things.

I wouldn't say Asg is deadly. When I was playing it I took several 300FPS hits and it wasn't even all that painful. We're talking about 6mm plastic bb... and a laser diode bought for 1$ at tme? It has like 50 m range!

Someone in the survey told that what we're building isn't called a drone, but a multicopter. For clarification: this is gonna be a normal fighter airplane like e.g. the mustang.

And the lag issue: there will be no relay through any official server! Modem-modem 3g connection's ping is about 160-200 ms, which gives 80-100 ms one way. Lte connection cuts that in half.
And if you have a broadband connection for your cobtroller device, again cut in half.

According to various feedback sources, we will need to change our plans to get funding and start the company for good. What would you say for everything the same (oculus and stuff), but without hit sensors and weapons for now? Like virtual Google Map battlefield would still be in use as a racetrack, checkpoints, whatever, time&scoreboard for completing tasks? but no shooting? (And after that is sold come back to combat?)

In Topic: [UNCONVENTIONAL] SharpFury Battle Hungered: World's first aviation video...

01 April 2015 - 09:36 AM

Well, we are considering laser weapons as well that are much much cheaper and the sensor surface for detecting hits actually exists and we wouldn't have to build it from scratch, but laser has two major problems: the projectiles fly in a straight line and at the speed of light, so any target leading, which is actually a vital part of every dogfight is out. :-( But, ok. Give me some more feedback so that I can improve the idea.


BTW: Can't I just put in my license agreement that I do not take responsibility for any damage caused by malfuction and improper flying? (like in a wrong place, or dogfighting over a street full of people) I cannot really control what all my customers are doing. Isn't it the same as if I was selling knives? Used improperly or just by accident they can be dangerous too!


Is airsoft actually considered a weapon?