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What kind of games can I create with my 3 member team that someone may actually play?

05 July 2015 - 03:22 PM


I cannot live without game development even though I know how difficult it is to make a successful game. Well, the easiest path to go is to focus on some 2D mobile game to get the highest chance of success (or am I wrong?).


However, with Unity 5 released now, I see how many new fantastic features are there in the world of 3D. I want to use them so much! Just sit, do some level designing, place and adjust some lighting, maybe even write a bit of a storyline and not just code some super fancy logic for a puzzle or circles vs triangles kind of mobile game!


I have a team of about 3 people. I wanna ask you guys, if it is by any means possible to create a game competitive to some market that is 3D and involves even a bit of a story, items, and just classic game design job like level design and not only spending days in code to create some fancy new puzzle that doesn't exist yet.


Also, if I currently have no "graphics guy" what are my options to make the game look good enough that sb plays it?


Just help me start out! I have a lot of programming experience, some people, but no game put on the market yet. I'm just a bit scared of devoting hundreds of hours to a game that no one will play. I know there is no recipe, but you are far more experienced than me in terms of game publishing so please give me some sort of advice to start.




[UNCONVENTIONAL] SharpFury Battle Hungered: World's first aviation video game in RE...

31 March 2015 - 05:04 PM


What if you couuld have the most realistic physics and graphics in your video game? Why would we create virtual environments? They are already there, outside the building! For the first time, me and my team are going to use what nature's created to create a tank/aviation video game! Meet the SharpFury Battle Hungered.


Here's a little description of what we're gonna do:


Imagine you had a model/rc aircraft. If you wanted to fly it, you'd most probably experience some common problems including very limited control range, unrealistic controls, limited functionality and fixed first-person-view (if any). And, after all, how long could you just fly around doing circles around where you're standing?

We are going to change all that! Meet our upcoming Battle Hungered drones line featuring control over the Internet (yes, it's proven to be working), connection to your phone, computer, TV or anything else (the magic of Unity 3D smile.png ), user interface like in some famous video games e.g. War Thunder or World of Warplanes and immersive flying experience using Oculus Rift virtual reality googles! Be like a real pilot, with real controls and real sensors including GPS, airspeed and altitude all packed into a nice carbon fiber airframe. Don't worry if you're just a beginner, our virtual flight instructor will surely help you and prevent the plane from crashing.

But the best comes next: what if you could stick an ASG (Air Soft Gun) rifle to your plane? And what if you had a super-advanced sensor surface covering your plane and the software was smart enough to detect hits on your plane's different modules and simulate damage? What if you could battle with your friends even over thousands of kilometers in reality? That is the heart of Sharp Fury Battle Hungered. Take a Google Map of your surroundings and turn it into a virtual battlefield! Use special editor to create spawn points, bombing targets, drop zones, cap zones and more! Then invite your friends and let the battle begin!

So, you guys - gamedevs, are the first group of people I'd like to ask for some feedback as you probably understand me best. Write your comments and PLEASE take a very short survey here (very important to me, will take you like 30 seconds, I know, it's not suited for gamedevs): https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WCKS99Y

Looking forward to hearing your feedback. biggrin.png Thanks guys!


Surviverse - Next-Gen Sandbox Game, Experimental Project

17 April 2014 - 11:39 AM

I'm glad that I've finally published my first unity project - Surviverse. The official website address is:


Surviverse is an open-world sandbox game. I have a lot of ideas and below I placed a short description of my work (the final goal):

At the beginning of the game player has nothing. He starts as a castaway in some unknown, mysterious world. As the name suggests, he must do everything to survive, which includes keeping his energy high enough (hunger + fatigue + physical damage to his body) and not getting killed by some creatures. To do this, he must collect some resources and build a shelter. Later, he can dive into researching magic or technology. Both branches provide awesome items and abilities and finally let the player go to space or jump into different dimensions to explore new, dangerous worlds...

The game is based on voxel terrain similar to other games, but with a significant difference: terrain is far more detailed than usual 1m. It is possible due to advanced techniques used and Unity optimizations. You can build at very high resolutions like 6cm and still keep your performance high. Soon, I'll implement terrain generation on GPU, which shall accelerate the game so much that terrain generator will be able to use high resolutions for things like heightmap, etc..

For now however, the project is in its early-dev stage and has only a few basic features (world, inventory & crafting, building) implemented. The only mode player can play now is creative. An infinite world is generated and then player can craft world modifying items like: Stone Bricks Hollowed Cylinder (material + shape + some other relevant data) and use them to build what he wants.

Get more information about the project at: http://surviverse.com

I have a development blog up and running and all new stuff concerning Surviverse will be published there: http://surviverse.com/development-blog

The game is available for download here: http://surviverse.com/download, but I'd recommend to read help articles before playing.

I plan to update Surviverse regularly. New posts/updates should appear at least every week.
I you want to support the project and get quicker updates, let me know you're interested by following my twitter: https://twitter.com/Kiel366 and Google+ site: Surviverse on Google+

I attach two of my screenshots (see full gallery at: http://surviverse.com/gallery).


So now, go to my website (http://surviverse.com), download the game, read some help as the controls might be quite confusing and play the game!


Write here or on the website what do you think about the project and build something awesome and upload it in this thread as I want to see what you can build.

Hope to see you on my website and in the game soon! icon_biggrin.gif

Best way of volume selection

23 March 2014 - 11:49 AM


I'm writing a sandbox game in Unity 3D based on voxel terrain. I need the player to interact with the world (place/remove blocks).


The problem is, that size of the smallest voxel is 6 cm, so placing voxels one-by-one is unacceptable if player wants to build somehthing big. To solve this problem I've created a crafting system, which lets the player create e.g. a 40x5x5 cube of stone.


Now, the problem is that player must be able to change the orintation of the created item and I don't know how to achieve this! Do you have any idea how could reorientating look like? Maybe according to mouse movement (but how)? or using keyboard...


I've attached a screenshot of what it is like now. Please think of a way how could player reorientate that box in a user-friendly way.




Structure generation in infinite sandbox world

06 February 2014 - 04:54 PM



I'm working on a sanbox game project. I use voxel terrain and my world is infinite. It is divided into 16x16x16 chunks. Generating the heightmap is quite easy, but generating structures like trees or ponds is a problem and here's why:


Each of these structures can reach outside the given chunk and my generator works like this:


generator.generateDataForChunk(Vector3 offset).


The easiest solution would be to just create a map full of chunks and then run the generator over the whole map using world.setVoxel that would work out the proper chunk and set the block, but my world generates also as the player moves so the problem is that if eg. I generate a big tree and its trunk resides on the chunk, which just has been created by player motion, an already existing chunk could be altered eg. by the leaves which generate along with a tree and this is really bad:


consider a tunnel starting on a chunk created due to the player's motion. This chunk gets generated and it changes half of the world player can see because it is carved so that it changes the existing chunks!


I don't know how to resolve that problem and setting sth like MAX_SPREAD to each component is not also good because then a lot more chunks would have to be generated. Doing everything only based on noise (like heightmap) is not an option either, because I'll want also to generate from some pre-loaded structures like villages or castles.


Please help me and thanks in advance.