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#4958785 Thinking of Rolling My own GUI toolkit.

Posted by omercan on 13 July 2012 - 07:18 AM

If you have fun and the kind of feeling to reinvent the wheel... do it...
I also want/started to write a little GUI Framework for my engine. It was a hard decision for me... Everytime I thought if it may be good to reinvent the wheel. But I'm very familiar with QT and I love it soo much that I start to "reimplement" QT on top of my engine...
But It failed hard...
I realized that QT has too much features that I don't need... like Signal/Slots, Metasystem... but these kind of things are the core of the framework...
So I dropped the idea to reimplement QT on top of my engine and started to make my own GUI Framework from scratch. My Framework is QT-like but there are also huge differences.
For example: I don't need signals and slots. In my framework every interaction code is done with my own scripting language (PSL, currently only planned) or with Lua.
One big problem (maybe the biggest problem) is the Font System. To display text is not really a problem but to display it fast, very fast is one of the biggest problems I have on my engine currently.

But it makes fun and I think now it was the right decision. My engine is currently very young so there is no real graphic visible and maybe many people think it will never be finished... no matter I love my engine and like to develop.
If you are thinking the same, do it do it do it...

And If you fail you still have learned a lot.

(Of course this suggestion is only really useful for hobby developing, not for commercial project ;) )