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#4958466 Canvace Development Kit

Posted by on 12 July 2012 - 10:41 AM

Hi! I'm here to announce the second beta release of Canvace (http://www.canvace.com/), a development kit for 2D and 2.5D games based on HTML5.

This is how the development environment looks like:

Posted Image

and these are some screenshots from a test stage created with Canvace (http://www.canvace.com/demo/):

Posted Image

The project currently contains two fundamental elements: a development environment and a JavaScript library.
Let me list some of the features we offer:
  • the development environment is itself a web application: one can install it on a local HTTP server, so that several people at once can access the same resources
  • not just isometric: users are free to choose a custom 3×3 projection matrix, thus being able to create orthogonal and much more
  • integrated versioning system: so you have a long-term history of the changes made to your stages
  • output in JSON format: for easier integration in your JavaScript code
  • excellent performance: so that your games can run decently even on less powerful devices, like some smartphones are.
We'd love to receive your feedback: praises or curses, anything is welcome. We're open to all kind of feedback. Posted Image


P.S.: to take a quick glance of what it looks like, you can also check out our first video tutorial:


We're planning to make more videos soon - stay tuned! ;)