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Topics I've Started

Outlining character animation - methods?

15 October 2012 - 02:36 AM

Hello guys. Sorry for my English in advance.

In brief: I’d like to get my game characters outlined like in the game MyBrute (http://www.mybrutecheats.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/team-simulator.jpg)
The character animation consists of a number of images that move around (it all works on OpenGLES2.0, iOS). I’d want to outline the animation dynamically while it’s playing, with all the moving parts.
I’ve already tried:
1. To make a virtual texture out of the animation, then to get the information about this texture and make the stroke (but FPS goes down a lot), then to draw the texture in the scene.
2. To make a virtual texture out of the animation and then to use a pixel shader on it while rendering.
I have noticed that drawing a texture lowers FPS by 10%, which is quite strange to me.
Probably, someone could think of any solution? And why you think drawing a texture affects FPS so much?
Thanks a lot in advance!

2d animation - need advice?

22 July 2012 - 10:40 AM

So, I have these vector, cartoon-like characters dressed in loose clothes with lots of folds (like cloaks, capes, mantles, etc.)
What's the best way to animate them? It they were with a more revealed anatomy I would probably draw all parts of their bodies separately so to make joints for animation. But what if my characters wear this type of clothes I described above? Do I have to draw every single frame? Or probably I should model and animate them in 3d? The main problem is with the folds.

I have to choose the most rational way because there is lots of animation to do.
Thank you for any advice!

Animation techniques for a vector-styled graphics?

16 July 2012 - 01:35 AM


I'm relatively new to animation and really need someone’s advice. So my task is to make dozens of animations for a game. It will be some kind of magicians, I think vector-styled (like this one - http://ru.depositphotos.com/4634394/stock-illustration-Magician.html)
My question is what graphics software I should better use to draw and animate them? It is not necessarily should be vector-like graphics (it can be even 3d-like). The problem is that many of my characters will have cloaks, capes and other clothing on them that is not easy to animate. Should I draw every single frame or what is the most rational way (so I can cope with the task)?
I think the style of the game will be most likely determined by what is technically easier.

Thanks for any advice! (and sorry for my English:)