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Engine for simple Browsergame

07 December 2012 - 11:04 AM

Hello together,

I've tried to make one of the old/typical browsergames by my own with html, php, sql.
Because im pretty new to this staff I couldn't finish this project due to no experience and some problems.

Then I startet to search browser based game engines... and found some buggy sh1t hehe :D

Now I want you all to ask this:
1) Do you know an engine, wich comes with the following features (see sfgame.co.uk for ref):
- character (creation, leveling, attributes)
- quest (random quests, story quests)
- pvp (arena, massfight/guildfight)
- guild (permissions, bonuses)
- items (shops, inventar)

2) If not, is this forum the right place to get some experienced help with php browsergames?

I know ofc that point 1) is much. Maybe you know something that matches a bit of them. I learned some other things better by getting some small and made it great.