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Try Gamestar Game Creation System

17 July 2012 - 01:12 PM

Project link:

Gamestar is a game creation system web app that runs in Firefox and Fennec. It supports 2D game design using an innovative real-time development system that lets you play the game as you design it. The powerful Board system allows you to run several game maps simultaneously, each with distinct styles of play.

Consider it a modern version of ZZT, with bitmapped graphics instead of ASCII.

- warps
- automatic scrolling
- simple BASIC-dialect script language
- fault tolerant design keeps the game going even when you mess up (and let's you know what happened)
- Overhead map and platformer modes (and hybrid multi-layer mode)
- HTML5-based rendering
- online help
- keen balance of simplicity and power
- event-based NPC system
- Redistributable client with customizable screen size
- dialogue and inventory systems
- HTML-based interface design
- flexible tiles system
- tags system makes varied interactions easy

And best of all: no licensing. You make the game in Gamestar, it's yours. Do what you want with it. Forever.

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