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My First Game Setting

23 July 2012 - 03:00 AM


TyberthiaGaming here. Yesterday, or maybe it was today...waking up middle of the night makes it hard to say, I got a luminous idea for a story for a simple game. So I wrote it down on a piece of paper and returned to my dream world where I set out to collect the seven rings of gold to rescue the princess from the evil round bubble of doom. Good times, indeed.

Now morning has come, the sun has risen. I read my little note and had a hard time figuring out what I meant with "Master Landlord". Many inner debates and cups of coffee later, I once again realized the luminous idea was. It was nothing but a mere game setting, rather than a complete game idea filled with inventive solutions for game mechanics and the likes.

Nonetheless, bravely I opened my word processor and type. out the story in my mind. Being a simple game that in the end will require little back story, I nonetheless came up with this and I now share it with your for your entertainment and enjoyment:

For most a sad event, but for you a chance; the death of a distant, unknown relative. As her sole relative and thus heir, you inherit a small, yet auspicious apartment building. Seizing this opportunity, you quit your boring old job of turning hamburger patties at the local fast food restaurant and decide to become a landlord.

However, you will soon realize that being a landlord is more than just cashing in cheques from the residents. How long will you last with the neurotic residents snooping through your trash, partying students destroying your precious room and natural disasters aiming to bring down your gold mine?

Will you master the art of being a landlord or will this end with you and a mental asylum?

Now what I wonder is:

Is well written?
Do others at least get the image I am trying to create?
Is this a game idea really as "easy" to implement as I think it can be?

Other hints, ideas and critiques are also welcome.

PS: This is but practice material, to master writing skills. By no means it is intended to be developed into a real game in the near future.

Greetings, Tyberthia here

18 July 2012 - 03:44 AM


I am a complete novice, might even call me an enthusiast with no skills to offer whatsoever. However, I always had a fascination with game and level design. Once every while I had this urge to start learning the trade, but in the end the lack of personal artistic skills and even technical skills always dampened my enthusiasm and in the end nothing was accomplished, learned or even begun.

Now it is time to bite the bullet and just hurl myself into this without any care for what I cannot do; for these things can be learned. This is how I actually ended up on this website. I was exploring the vast void that is the internet and found this little haven. After reading a few of the articles and several posts on these forums, I knew that this might be a good place to settle down as a starting point in my endeavour. Not to ask people to do the things I wish to do for me, because that would be meaningless, but to ask for pointers, directions and even tips.

Thus it is my hope that a few more experienced persons to give some pointers where to actually begin. It is easy to just grab a book and start following it. But, if you pick something that is just too difficult for your level, it will only work contraproductive, cripple your spirit and in the end put you on an exit path. This is a pitfall I wish to avoid and I hope to avoid by asking some advice to where to begin.

I thank you for your kind help and advice in advance,