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10 January 2013 - 08:13 AM

Hi guys

I am switching from C++ to C# and find the available API wrappers strangely confusing and I hope you can help me with the decisions.

My main worry is that I come out with a program that runs windows only and that's why I was looking at mono. There is a OpenGL binding for mono (Tao) but the last release seemed to be from 2005 (http://www.mono-project.com/Tao). Is there a more recent release or are there more up to date libraries? Are there any other useful libraries for mono?
I don't know, I have a hard time finding useful information anything mono related...

Just out of curiosity, there is monogame which I understood is the platform specific implementation of the XNA API, does monogame work well in reality?

Asocial Behaviour in Co-Op

05 January 2013 - 08:42 AM

Hi guys


I was playing a lot of Castle-Crashers Co-op lately and I thought about why I like it. They didn't put in many teamwork moments like Gears of War has, the ones where you have to both abuse your A button. There was actually, very little in terms of Co-Op mechanics.

But it does promote asocial behaviour to some extend, it is encouraged to steal coins or the PVP "fight for the princess' kiss" after each time you rescued a princess.

Comparing it to Gears of War or Left 4 Dead, you can also screw somebody over, but not without getting the feeling that you are playing against the rules of the game.


By introducing a bit of Anarchy, making "bad" behaviour acceptable to some extent may be more fun than not, you really have to trust your fellow gamers, there is no invisible game master holding them back, or magic bullets that do not hurt you. Maybe it ultimately serves to make Co-Op more interesting, more diverse.


This works very well in the cartoonish sarcastic world Castle Crashers is set in, maybe it also works in more serious settings, what do you think about it? Do you have ideas how to encourage some bad choices?

Playing with a theme for a game

01 January 2013 - 05:09 AM

Hi guys


I have run into a "good" problem while working on a game, I missed thinking about a theme. And now that I have an idea for it, I kinda don't know what I can do with it now.


Maybe I should write about the game idea first: The game is a co-op game in a post apocalyptic world, you and your friends are a group of rookie soldiers with the orders to flush out the enemy of a certain territory. How you are going to do that is completely up to you.


Now with the theme I'd like to play around with: "You are expendable".

I want them to feel less and less valuable, nobody cares if you die as the game progresses.

After the first tutorial, before the gamers are sent into the world the first time, they get the typical captain's pep talk ("We are counting on you, soldiers"). After that, nobody from their faction will talk to them with a human voice.

You don't see any npc soldiers fighting at your side, if you want any supplies, you have to pay for them. And they are sent to you via artillary strike. In the middle of the game, you find more and more groups of dead soldiers that probably had the same orders.

I want to give them the mood that, in this world, everybody wants to kill them, they have nothing but each other.


So my main problem is, how can I use that feeling for the ending? The only thing I can imagine is to put in a plot twist, their commanders are actually the bad guys and they are going rogue. But what else can I do with it?


Or do you have any other suggestions?

QMake and SFML linking under windows

05 October 2012 - 06:47 AM

Hi guys

I tried to link to the SFML library with a QTCreator project under windows. And it didn't work.
QTCreator doesn't allow me to select .dll files, the wizard only accepts .lib.

So this is what i did:
  • I downloaded SFML 1.6 for MinGW and put it in the project folder under /lib.
  • I have MinGW installed and selected it as my compiler/builder in the project settings.
  • I tried building the program with both writing down the relative path to the dll, and by using -L(path to /lib) -lmylib... with the first one, it said it didn't find sfml-window.dll, with the second one, it didn't find sfml-graphics.dll when trying to run the exe.
I am guessing, i am doing something very simple very wrong. Here are the relevant files:

project file


Folder management in Code::blocks

22 September 2012 - 03:10 PM

Hi all

I recently switched to code::blocks ide and I have trouble accumulating to the file management there.

I would like a folder setup like *project*/src/engine/*sufolders and stuff*, *project*/src/game/*sufolders and stuff*. It is possible doing a virtual folder structure, but I then have trouble adding a class to that virtual folder.

I read somewhere that in code::blocks, you structure your project with subprojects... is this the way to go with this ide?