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Burning Hand

Member Since 20 Jul 2012
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Journal of the Burning Hand > Backstory for the aliens!

Posted 25 July 2012

Check out my post! I've written out a pretty detailed back story and justification for my galaxy's aliens.

On another note, I need to come up with names for things. Planets, colonies, what these various populations call themselves, stars and systems,...

Journal of the Burning Hand > On a physics fix!

Posted 23 July 2012

So I've been getting out in the creative side of the forum and been getting some really good feed back, I'm really happy to see that. Thank you guys. :)

Some of my plot ideas are coming together, more on that later in the writing forum when its a bit more firm. Been having a...

Journal of the Burning Hand > I am going to publish a game in 267 days.

Posted 21 July 2012

So I didn't see a place just to say, "Hi, I'm new here, but hey, this is me."
So hi! I'm new here, and this is me.

I'm going to publish a game.

I said it, I guess I could delete it and pretend I didn't, but I'm not.

I am going to publish a game. And I have 267 days to do it.