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Burning Hand

Member Since 20 Jul 2012
Offline Last Active Nov 07 2012 06:48 PM

Topics I've Started

Taking on parteners for indie development.

02 August 2012 - 10:17 AM

What sort of arrangement is typical between project originators and the partners they take on for indie games?
Specifically, do these people expect a share of final revenue (if there is any) and for how long is that fair?

RTS: Sci-Fi plot.

22 July 2012 - 03:54 PM

So I am struggling to find my plot for my game. I know what sort of game play I am looking for. I can visualize what playing the game will look like, but the plot that gives the player a reason for each battle still eludes me.

This is a sci-fi, space based RTS game. Objectives can change and be creative, but the basic game play does not. Battles occur between spaceship fleets around and between planets in star systems. The game play revolves around controlling important points, typically planets or space stations. This is not multiplayer.

What I know so far, the final battle involves luring the enemy fleet into a star system for a final show down, and the battle is a cover for detonating the local star into a forced, premature, nova. All is sacrificed for the greater good, humanity (everywhere else) will live on. The game will start with humanity endangered some how, overwhelmed, and rescued by an alien species already fighting this foe. The home turf (which may not be Earth) is lost but a significant population escapes and survival depends on victory.

I'm not sure of the specifics on the intro or how to take it to the outro.

Inspire me with spaceships!

22 July 2012 - 03:38 PM

So my game concept is an RTS with spaceships as the units (set in space, obviously).
I have some ideas for ships in my head, but I need more, so I turn to you guys.

Please post pictures, or links to pictures of space ships.
I am not looking for anything else space related or other sci-fi stuff, just space ships.

The main reason I want this is I plan on have more than a couple species flying around, and I only have a few "looks" figured out, but I don't want any one group to look too much like the others.

Don't worry about trying to match what I have in my head or what I have planed already. I wouldn't copy what you guys show me anyway. I just want some inspiration.

Thanks all!

Is NURBS worth using?

21 July 2012 - 08:25 PM

So I admit I am not a 3D modeler/artist. I am well versed in 2D and lost when I open a modeler.
I am planing a project that involves modeling mostly spaceships. Most of my concepts are very organic curvy sort of ships. I've read that NURBS is very well suited to these sorts of shapes. Unfortunately most game engines are not, specificly I do not think Unity is.

If Unity doesn't handle NURBS models they would need to be converted to standard polygon based models. I've heard this process can be done automaticly but often screws up leaving the artist with a mess of sides and vertices to merge and fix.

What I want to know is if using NURBS for my models would be a good choice or not. I think the format is well suited but if it has to be converted then the benifit may be outweighed. Perhaps the benifit is over-rated in the first place and I shouldn't even be thinking about it. Or perhaps I'm wrong about NURBS support and I would have no trouble using it. I need more information.

Please keep in mind that I am not yet invested in any particular software and run both Mac and Windows. With no experience in any particular system I have no particular reason to choose one over the other except for how it affects my project.