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Stir, a C/C++ build tool

07 September 2014 - 11:11 PM

Not liking the available options of CMake, Scons, or plain old Make, I decided to write my own utility.

Stir, best for small/medium projects (I imagine parts don't scale well yet), only needs to be told the directory structure of a project (or projects), it will automatically search for c/c++ sources files along with their dependencies (currently requires the compiler support the -MMD switch).


It's pretty new, but it's starting to be usable. If anyone could give it a try and some feedback, I'd appreciate it.

The doc.html file on the repository has the information on the configuration file format, and I've uploaded a Linux 64-bit binary to the repository as well as attached. It requires C++11 and 3 Boost libraries: filesystem, program_options, and system (they are statically linked to the binary in the repo).