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Topics I've Started

Finding a process

25 May 2013 - 09:13 AM



An application i'm wotking on (C++ on Windows) needs to check if a certain process is running or not. To do that, i use EnumProcesses and OpenProcess to find if the process exists. It works fine if the process i'm looking for is a 32 bits process but if it is a 64 bits process, it can't find it. Is there a solution to that ? The application that looks for the other process is a 32 bits app.


Problem with oci library

24 November 2012 - 07:27 PM


At work i had to make a small application in C++ on Windows (using Visual Studio 2008). This application uses Oracle OCI library to communicate with Oracle server. I'm using the 10.2 version of the client library. When i run the application from my development environment (from VC) or on my Desktop, it works just fine. However, as soon as we install the application using an installshield it can't connect to the server. After searching the error message, it appears it is not able to find the service name. But the client is configured correctly and the tnsname.ora file is fine. The application is compiled in 32 bits mode because it uses a 3rd party library which is only available for 32 bits. It probably has nothing to do anyway. It seems to be doing that only on Windows 7 and not on Xp. Haven't tried Vista or others.


I know that may not be the best place to ask such a question but i think there may be people who would know.

Tab order with MFC tab control

01 October 2012 - 03:08 AM

I have implemented some configuration dialog on an application at work which makes use of tabs. The application is a C++ application using MFC for the user interface. I used a tab control in the parent dialog and child dialogs that i show or hide depending on the selected tab.This works fine except that, when trying to navigate in one of the pages using the tab key, you can't cycle out or in the child. Is there a way to solve this ?