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#5017690 can python be used to create professional games

Posted by on 05 January 2013 - 03:31 AM

Just to answer the OP directly.

NO, you cannot make a commercial, 3D FPS/RPG/SHOOTER/etc, IN Python.

But, you CAN totally make it WITH Python.


What does that mean.  It means that you can program the game in python, and use modules that calls on lower language (like C, or even C++) to run the game for you.

Panda3D is one example of this.



#5013915 [MMORPG] A new method of presenting the player a new kind of quest.

Posted by on 24 December 2012 - 05:38 AM

This is not impossible to implement, but how do you balance your Quests?


If the Quest requires the players think about what they do and research things in the game world, then that takes time. If the Quest on top of that takes the player far off, maybe even several times... (Oh this WASN'T the Gem? OK... Back across the sea I go).

Then the Quest reward needs to reflect that.

But what is stop a player, once the game is established, from having the game wiki up on one screen and just running the optimal path to finish all the, now very rewarding Quest?

You could lower the reward, but what about the player who genuinely wants the, exploration experience?


Well The Secret World has implemented a version of this. They have static Quest givers, with symbols above (or next to) their heads. But Different symbols for different types of Quests. So there is a combat symbol for regular, kill X amount of Y type Quests. And a research Symbol for those Quests the require research and exploration. Warning the player ahead of time as to what kind of gameplay experience he is choosing.



#4995909 Affecting the actual player as an alternative to affecting the playable chara...

Posted by on 31 October 2012 - 12:31 PM

There are a lot of lazer beams to avoid here. We want to create a unique and memorable effect with set in-game reprecussions, by affecting the player out of game.

The obvious example is the much used Blind effect from a alot of FPSes, this was also used in the MMO Darkfall, basically painting the screen white for a few seconds.
Another suggestion I like is inverting the keyboard directional keys, I dont know where this is from but I seem to remember another game doing this, forcing me to learn how to move with inverted keys.

In both these examples the effect will apply more to someone not used to the game, as a veteran will find ways around his issues quicker, unlike strict In-game CC effects.

But thats ok, in fact its a positive as it adds more fun to the player in learning how to deal with these unusual effects.

And thats the line, going over it will bother the player and u dont want that. Like rearranging the buttons on his hotbar, that sounds like a terrible idea.


#4995629 Are open pvp + full loot SANDBOX mmorpg's still possible?

Posted by on 30 October 2012 - 06:05 PM

A) Players engaging in non-consensual PvP ("Wolves") open themselves up to permadeath situations, or at the very least increased corpse looting and loss due to death.

Permadeath is interesting. But unfortunately not really viable, and the same goes for all attempts at in-game penalites or debuffs for the attacking PKer.

Because PKers can always have another character that is lawful. Jail time, and he can play his farmer, Debuffed for awhile, np.. he can just play his other character.
Not allowed to go to town to buy stuff? NP, his other character can do it for him.
Players will buy multiple accounts to make this happen, play lawfully untill their character is maxed out and start killing anything that moves just because they can.

As a veteran of old UO, Shadowbane and Darkfall ive given this whole thing quite a bit of thought, and I think ive got the solution.

The MMO would need to be level based, and have leveling zones all the way to max level that had no PVP in them.
Any character can play to max lvl in complete safety.
However, progressing at end game would require characters to enter the "wild lands", a lawless territory where they can be attacked by anyone at any time, but the only land where they can progress their character and build towns and cities by pooling their resources.

Now before anyone says: Well this is Zone based PVP (alá RvR) all over again, no its not. Because I am actually forcing everyone into the wildlands, IF they want to progress their character, I'm just doing it at a much later lvl then say the moonstone in Moonglow.

By the time the player reaches max lvl (lets say lvl 50) they are well versed in the game and probably have a guild behind them, with full knowledge of what awaits them and probably some, if not quite a lot of pvp experience.

With the city building system the intention is to move the player into the wildlands as he becomes bound to whatever player town or city he choses to join, making the players emotionally invested in their own areas. Encouraging them to protect them and patrol them, and promote good, yet still non-consensual, pvp.


#4995618 Feedback on my Game Idea (randomly generated dungeon RPG)

Posted by on 30 October 2012 - 05:25 PM

Procedural content is totally viable and has in my opinion, the potential for much bigger usage in todays gaming market.

As for ur 100 dungeons idea, id think about the set pieces, and thematic change as u progress.

Lets say 5 big set pieces, and 10 thematic changes in the dungeons, arching from Ice caverns to Medievil prison to arcane fortress etc...

Basically anything that gives the player the idea that he is progressing, storyline and simple change of scenery is vitally important. As someone else said, u dont want 1 lvl played 100 times, but rather an action filled, replayable pulsepounding adventure


#4995611 Feedback on Unique Zombie Survival Game Idea?

Posted by on 30 October 2012 - 05:06 PM

The problem here is that ur entering a STACKED field. Another Zombie survivor FPS? Ok, but what makes this unique? Why should THIS version of the formula concern me?

I see in ur post u have not played Day Z, the mod for Arma that is soon coming out as its own game.
Day Z is, right now, the latest craze in the Zombie survivor FPS genre, well here is what you need to know.

Day Z has permadeath. In other words u die... ur dead. No saves, no extra lives, no respawn points. U play, till u die.

Apart from that its also ultra realistic in the sense of taking damage, eating food, sneaking around, loot etc etc.. One thing is getting Zombies on ur tail that will follow u forever, whil u will run out of stamina running to far, another thing is other players, which permiate the landscape and brings with them everything u might imagine of PvP douchebaggery and random murder.

So Day Z is designed around this mechanic, the permadeath.

So that's an interesting, new and fresh take on what is by now a very old formula.
What do u have?


#4961889 Game AI, where to start.

Posted by on 22 July 2012 - 02:29 AM

Ok so I'm not exactly sitting om my ass here, but in working in games design id like to focus on AI programming.
As I see it any fps/rpg/whatever can be as graphically fantastic or historically rich but is still going to be a boring game if the npc's behave like bread sticks, while a game with basically 4 grey walls and 8 bit graphic with compelling NPC AI is still going to be SOMETHING.

So thats what id like to take a focus my own career at and im wondering if anyone has any ideas or experience in this field and would like to point me in any legitimate directions.