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Sorry if this is a stupid question. What would it take to get DirectX on Linux?

31 October 2012 - 05:34 PM

Again sorry if this question is inane.

But I'm a gamer, the only reason I run Windows is because I have to to play Games on it.
If I could run windows games directly on a Linux OS, id go Ubuntu in a heartbeat.

The reason is ofc resources, Ive got a kickass computer, but I also play top of the line games at maximum settings, Id love to not have to run the massive Windows OS as well as the game I'm playing.

Which is why Wine, or any other form of box simulation makes no sense, I certainly don't want to run a Linux Os, an OS emulator, and a massive Windows OS under the game I'm playing.

So whats the deal? Why cant DirectX be made for Linux? I get that its illegal, but when has that stopped the open source community?

I take the Question to this forum to ask the experts, is there a technical reason why DirectX can NEVER be applied to another OS?
Is it simple impossible?


Game AI, where to start.

22 July 2012 - 02:29 AM

Ok so I'm not exactly sitting om my ass here, but in working in games design id like to focus on AI programming.
As I see it any fps/rpg/whatever can be as graphically fantastic or historically rich but is still going to be a boring game if the npc's behave like bread sticks, while a game with basically 4 grey walls and 8 bit graphic with compelling NPC AI is still going to be SOMETHING.

So thats what id like to take a focus my own career at and im wondering if anyone has any ideas or experience in this field and would like to point me in any legitimate directions.