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EFP - 2D RPG Topdown Shooter

28 March 2013 - 05:27 PM

Extreme Fighter Pilot is a 2D RPG Topdown Shooter where you play as a fighter pilot in 3 different time periods (selected from the start menu). 
The Classic time period is based on propeller driven aircraft and will feature 12 WW2 missions, Flak Cannons and Bomber missions based around both escorting and flying as the bomber. 
The Modern time period is based on current 4th generation jet aircraft and will feature 24 modern war missions, Anti-aircraft rocket emplacements, Anti-aircraft tanks, military airfields and includes missions based on a China/Russia coalition against Europe and the USA (a very original idea tongue.png) with a twist. 
The Future tie period is based on aircraft that can travel a short distance from Earth (far enough to reach the moon)  and will feature 12 Earth missions, 12 Moon missions, Future style aircraft and we might have aliens present if there is a demand for it.
The Multiplayer will feature 3 different modes, Attack and Defend, Dogfight and Team Dogfight. There will be a ranking system based on XP earned from kills, objectives, match bonuses and skill points. Gaining ranks will unlock new aircraft, aircraft equipment and bullet/missile modifiers. Up to 16 players.
Attack and Defend is made up of 2 teams, one attacking the other defending. It will have 2 rounds, the defenders objective is to stop they're airfield from being destroyed and the attackers objective is to escort a B52 bomber controlled by a randomly designated player
to bomb the opponents airfield, which is also defended by ground units.
Dofight is where the players are all against each other in an all out war and the player with the most kills wins the match and receives a greater XP match bonus.
Team Dogfight is like Dogfight but with teams and the team with the most kills wins the match and the whole team receives a greater XP match bonus
Arcade version: The Arcade Version will only feature certain parts of the normal version like some of the Modern and Future time period missions, Moon dogfights and Multiplayer up to 8 players. The Arcade version may also be released on the Xbox Live Marketplace, as it is being developed in XNA 4.0 and may also be released on Android, iOS and Windows Phone although those version will differ.
Keep updated on our YouTube channel or Website:
Credit to KuhnIndustries, cobe571 and jimbo45uk for the 3 aircraft models in the logo, 
 Aeritalia F-104S Starfighter: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/24153

Extreme Fighter Pilot 2D RPG - Tech Demo Video - Dev Build Release Soon

08 January 2013 - 05:59 PM

Extreme Fighter Pilot

A 2D RPG aircraft fighting game in development by Cryptive Games
Larger Image http://oi45.tinypic.com/30063bl.jpg

Tech Demo Video - Watch in HD!

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We are only releasing some information about the game - The game is about playing as a fighter pilot in three different era's and they are WWII, Cold War and Modern. In this game you can modify your ammunition through bullet spread radius, speed, accuracy, EMP and tracking, you can also modify your shield to defend better against certain attacks such as EMP bullets and Flak Cannons. This game is not about realism but we do try to keep as real as possible.

We do not have a website yet but we will be getting one over the next few days, for now we will be releasing the Dev Build on the next YouTube video update.

RHA - 3D FPS/Tower Defense

23 July 2012 - 10:17 AM

Robot Human Alliance.

Genre: FPS/Tower Defense
Engine: Unity 3.5
Players: 5 (Co-Op)
In-Game Groups: Aliens, Zombies, Robots and Humans
Programming Language: C#
Estimated Release Date: 21st of March 2013

Beta: 24th of October 2012

The Story:

The Setting

The year is 2015, technology has been leaked from the U.S. army which has lead to a massive leap in global technology's. Robots are being produced on a mass scale, no one stops to question how or why such a massive leap has taken place. The world becomes blinded by advances in entertainment and social media, this was not part of the plan and soon the world turns on itself just before a massive Alien invasion that will leave Earth scared forever

The Plan

The U.S. government has foreseen this invasion and so by releasing its top secret technology hopes to advance its defense through global production. There was only one flaw to this plan that no one could have predicted, from the massive leaps came mass dependencies on such a high level of technology that the world could not afford, people forgot about there everyday routines, no one worked anymore because they had robots to produce there needs. As everyone became more and more reliant on they're robots to keep them living they became more weak unaware they would need every bit of strength they could get.

The Invasion

As everyone was at home enjoying there meaningless lives they were being watched by the Aliens as they planned they're almost flawless invasion to which they would enslave humanity, the Aliens had seen the growing weakness among the civilizations of Earth but knew that humans will always keep they're will to do anything to survive. They had come up with a plan to infect the worlds population with a virus that would make zombie slaves of humanity. As it got closer and closer to invasion day governments began to collapse, the world plundered into self-indulgence and people began to get greedy, it was only a matter of time before people began to use robots on each other and the Aliens began to strike. No one would see it coming.

The Game:


In the game you play as 1 of 5 characters from a team, you will have your own custom weaponry that you will be able to upgrade. The basic idea is to find an area on the map that you think would be easy to defend and select it as your safe area, then you search the area for citizens to bring back to the safe zone so you can start earning money to buy turrets or robots for placement around the safe zone. Citizens in your safe area will earn you a certain amount of money each round, the amount is decided by the number of citizens in your safe area multiplied by your current wave number. You can use the money to purchase turrets, robots and to expand your safe area, you can also use it to upgrade your turrets/robots, upgrade your citizens to soldiers at any military base and research alien technology's. The goal is to survive until military backup arrives and extracts the citizens from the map after which you will continue to the next level, military back up arrives at a certain level each map and when they do you have to cover them while they extract the citizens.


The multiplayer system will be join in and leave while the game is going, the max amount of players that can be in one game is 5 and when someone leaves the AI takes over there character, the gameplay will be the same as in singleplayer except the goal changes to just surviving to as high a round as you can.
The multiplayer will be server based to which i mean there will only be LAN or the main server that you will be able to connect through.

Free Mode

Free mode will be like multiplayer with the endless rounds and will have leaderboards, you can also set it up so people can connect to your game via the multiplayer server list.


Website: http://www.kiainteractive.com/RHA/
Forum: http://www.kiaintera...e.net/index.php
Youtube: http://www.youtube.c...e?feature=watch

I <3 Constructive Critisism

Copyright © K.I.A. Interactive 2012

Just Balls

22 July 2012 - 03:55 PM

Just Balls

Posted Image

This is a game where the player has to navigate the terrain to move a ball to the finish line and complete the level. Featuring music from IntraDK. Check out IntraDK's songs at - sjovmaiin - YouTube
There are two chapters with 5 maps in each, they differ in themes, the first chapter has a Steampunk theme with pipes that you you can go under, around or over and gears for visual appeal, chapter 2 has an industrial theme with iron gurders and gaps in the terrain

Staying on the terrain is element of the game, if you fall off anywhere you will have to restart the level, so stay on as long as you can or you will have to do it over and over again.
Reaching the end of the map is the goal and completing it in a certain amount of time adds an extra challenge, also there are monkey heads you can collect through out each level which adds to your score, simply fall through the hole at the end and then you can continue to the next level or restart the current one, when you complete a level you are brought to a screen displaying your time, score and rating, your rating is based on your time, if you complete it in less than 30 seconds then you get a gold rating, 30-45 seconds for silver and 45+ seconds for bronze.
Each map is unique,having diffrent obstacles placed differently, with different amount of obstacles or holes in the ground, making it fun for the player.
Style: Puzzle/Startegy
In-game controls: Up,Down,Left and Right Arrow Keys
Programming Language: Python
Status: Non-Commercially Release
Max Players: 2
Installed Size: 464Mb
Installer Size: 252Mb
Estimated Playthrough Time: 20 - 30 Minutes
Additional Credits: Alexander Robinson - 3D Graphics, IntraDK - Music
System Requirements:
Windows XP,Vista,7
(Tested On) Intel Pentium 4 3.06Ghz
1GB Ram or more
256mb Video Card or better
Windows .exe Installer
MacOSX Version will be finished on 02/08/2012

Made by K.I.A. Interactive


22 July 2012 - 03:25 PM

PopELation is a game I made for casual gamers, The gameplay is pretty easy so it shouldn't take long to adjust to (Be sure to read instructions). The base of the game is to pop as many squares as possible before running out of lives. Another thing this game contains an online highscore inwhich you can compete against friends or strangers across the globe. Highscores are automatically posted after entering your name.

The strategy behind the game is you control your mouse and you must pop as many squares before running out of lives// You lose a life by being touched by the onscreen fire// The speed of the fire increase as you progress through the levels.


http://www.mediafire.com/?jp3dxyt4ep064eq Full Version
http://www.mediafire.com/?lue49h3tdfqff5a Lite Version

Forum: http://kiainteractive.net/index.php
Highscores: http://www.madewithclockwork.com/games/915/highscores