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In Topic: Game Engine question. (UDK, Torque or Unity?)

25 July 2012 - 09:24 PM

yea, its a rather ambitious project. Though, im planning to make it a periodic release of content, learning while i program more of the things in, just needed to make sure the engine i select can at least do most of the stuff (at least by the time i get to developing that part of the game) so that i wont regret my choice down the road. Though it seems, all 3 game engines can handle it.

Thanks alot for the informative replies too, epreisz. I will definitely give torque a try too and see how it feels. I have actually created some 2D games although its mostly during uni, i decided i want to try creating a 3D game and decided to try something like this.

@Dwarfking: thanks for your input too, its also pretty much what i plan to do. I'm also glad to be assured that the books are good.

In Topic: Game Engine question. (UDK, Torque or Unity?)

25 July 2012 - 12:59 AM

hmm okay, to elaborate on my game a little more:
- i plan for a multiplayer system (minimum 5v5, maybe going upward to 15v15) on a dedicated server.
- there will be a story mode which will have scripted events, etc where 1-3 friends may join to aid.
- the game will be in third person view, camera losely follows the character.
- There will be ranged and melee combat.
- I plan to use hitbox detection for weapons and shields.
- there will be aerial battles too (which requires jetpacks, aerial physics, etc).
- planning to implement a feature where the player may shoot grappling hooks onto walls and they may climb or rappel.
- wall jumping
- stealth effect (transparent warpy object)
- the player character models would have changeable parts dependent on what he/she equips (arms, legs, head, etc)
- AI for bots and the story mode.
- having multi platform options is always a plus too.

I'm rather mostly worried about the game engine's network code and limitations (who knows, there may be something that prevents me from doing what i want above).

In Topic: Game Engine question. (UDK, Torque or Unity?)

25 July 2012 - 12:10 AM

hmmmm, yes, i have read about garage games being sold recently and that Torque got major improvements recently as well. Hence i was quite skeptical about the 3-4 year old reviews.

I am rather still undecided about the game engine to use, I have read that Torque has a superior network code, which was one of the points that interested me.

I may play around with both engines and see which I like more, thanks alot for the informative replies, they are very much appreciated. Any more would still be welcome too, and would help me (or future aspiring developers) with the decision!

In Topic: Game Engine question. (UDK, Torque or Unity?)

24 July 2012 - 01:49 AM

Oh wow, awesome replies! thanks so much guys. I guess i will really give unity 3D a look, it may just be what i need.

Another question though, if say I first develop my game in the free version of unity, but in future decide to upgrade to pro, would it be easy to convert over? or would it almost feel like reprogramming the entire game in a different engine?

Thanks so much for the informative replies btw.

I also lol'd at the ransom bit (though i may not laugh so much once i experience it first hand, haha)

In Topic: Game Engine question. (UDK, Torque or Unity?)

24 July 2012 - 12:07 AM

hmm from the sounds of it, i guess I should move over to unity (UDK seems to only work for graphics heavy FPS which isnt what im going for)?

Would it be able to make a handle fast-paced third person action game that is heavily scripted? (I am not too familiar with unity myself other than some suggestions ive read from forums threads, my original impression of unity was that it was a game engine for iOS)

Also, exactly what made Torque "shit" in your opinion?