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Game Engine question. (UDK, Torque or Unity?)

23 July 2012 - 10:15 PM

Hi all, I am new to these forums, and am an aspiring game developer.

I intend to develop my own game that is similar to the Armored Core games (more towards armored core 4 and 5), and I am unsure which game engine would be best to develop in. I originally wanted to build it from scratch, but I realize that it would probably take much longer to get a stable game engine going and I thought it'd be best if I invested in an existing game engine and focus more on the game development.

I got these 2 books:
3D Games Programming All-in-One (http://www.amazon.co...e/dp/1598632663)
Advanced 3D Games Programming All-in-One (http://www.amazon.co...e/dp/1592007333)

and it seems like the book teaches game programming in torque.

However, I have read alot of unfavorable reviews for torque, and its user unfriendliness (which i hope the book solves), but at the same time, those reviews are 3-4 years old and may be outdated, and there are some few favorable reviews too.

Should I develop my game in Torque? or should I start looking at the alternatives (UDK, Unity, etc)?

edit: description of the game im planning to make

hmm okay, to elaborate on my game a little more:
- i plan for a multiplayer system (minimum 5v5, maybe going upward to 15v15) on a dedicated server.
- there will be a story mode which will have scripted events, etc where 1-3 friends may join to aid.
- the game will be in third person view, camera losely follows the character.
- There will be ranged and melee combat.
- I plan to use hitbox detection for weapons and shields.
- there will be aerial battles too (which requires jetpacks, aerial physics, etc).
- planning to implement a feature where the player may shoot grappling hooks onto walls and they may climb or rappel.
- wall jumping
- stealth effect (transparent warpy object)
- the player character models would have changeable parts dependent on what he/she equips (arms, legs, head, etc)
- AI for bots and the story mode.
- having multi platform options is always a plus too.

I'm rather mostly worried about the game engine's network code and limitations (who knows, there may be something that prevents me from doing what i want above).