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In Topic: Kinect usermap smoothing using hq4x

06 August 2012 - 06:53 AM

thanks for the replies since it's almost 2 weeks and nobody replied.

i tried hqx but it seems not very good while the image has noise, and so microsoft paper it's not real-time

Anyway, i (almost) solved the problem by using combination of edge detection and spline curve:
here's the result:

Posted Image

The result is really good but the fps dropped to 20-30 fps. The problem is i need a method that runs fast enough in real-time

Another idea is using morphological opening (still thinking how to implement this on shader):

Posted Image
but this one only removes a little noise around the edge, though.

Actually i don't need super-noise-removal algorithm, what i want is just approximation of the shape and loss of detail on several parts is fine to me since the goal is making a silhouette like this one:

Posted Image