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#4962595 So I want to be a game developer....

Posted by on 24 July 2012 - 07:34 AM

Hello all.

I've been reading a bunch of forum posts about game development and I've decided to take the plunge and ask for some advice.

I'm currently a returning adult student in college studying Computer Science. I'm familiar with Java (OOP), Basic, Assembly and a little C. I also know SQL, HTML/CSS, and Based on what I'm understanding I should first teach myself C/C++ and maybe C# depending on if I want to develop with XNA or something like it.

I'm trying to be as realistic as possible, so please feel free to give me input on what I need to do before even thinking about making games or how I should set myself up for long term success instead of an easy way out.

My questions are:

1) Everyone seems to jump right into 3D game design now. Should I be doing that, or focusing more on 2D first? If so in what capacity? What books or examples of learning activities would you recommend?

2) Should I learn DirectX or OpenGL APIs after learning C++? I mean this as "Should I learn either of them, or should I not?"

3) I've seen people are using Unity3D, are they able to do that with only a C#, Boo, or JavaScript background? Why would someone need to learn C or C++ in order to make a game with this? Is it looked down upon by game developers for using a pre-built engine, or is this a viable option? Will using this hurt me in the long run?

4) I'm looking to ultimately get into the gaming industry by "getting into the gaming industry" and making some games. What advice or route would you provide for me to hit the ground running and start on thetrack to having some "finished" projects on my resume? If I shouldn't be making games right now but rather still learning more and more things please tell me.

5) Why do people learn scripting languages such as Lua or Python with C++? How do they interact within game design? I'm familiar that Lua is/was used in making easier WoW expansions, but are they used just because they are easier for most people to use than C++?

6) There is a group (I'm from Milwaukee) near me that develops using Unity3D and lives near me. Even though I don't have C/C++ or C# experience yet, would you suggest I attend? Should I do certain things before attending first?

Everyone thank you very much for your time, and I'm looking forward to any and all input you can provide.