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LWJGL Textarea

25 July 2012 - 03:06 AM


i am searching for a good and simple way to create a 2D textarea with LWJGL, but i couldn't find anything useful.

I want to create just a simple 2D Textarea, which is set in front of everything, where you can write text in it.
I know how to create 2D Text (more or less) and how to make use of the Keyboard events.

The problem is, that i don't know if there are any classes in the LWJGL libs which i can make use of, or i have to write them by myself.
I could now write some very chaotic and dirty code, but that's not the solution for me!

Do someone know a good source or could someone teach me how to create that?

Hope anyone can help me.



P.s.: I'm from Germany, sorry for the bad english!