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#5043463 Programming with Kinect?

Posted by EMascheG on 15 March 2013 - 12:23 PM

Hi Comunity Gamedev.net


I interesting programming with the kinect to use for create my small studio of Mocap or Motion Capture, I see is cheap and make good result for animations. So i start investigate what i need to program with Kinect and find 3 results, there are:


- OpenNI Standard Framework




- OpenKinect




- Microsoft Kinect SDK




I see the three works with Kinect and find tutorials,site and comunity they are using the 3 tools for kinect and anothers use all or 2 in the same time.

So who someone know can help to tell what are the diference with OpenNI,OpenKinect,Kinect SDK,. So for example who is more better to schedule with Kinect for Mocap and animations for videogames. Who have more tutorials or support of the community or easy to understand, have examples and for me is important be MultiPlataform can work in Windows,Linux,Mac or another OS


Another think i see exists programs who can use with kinect for example Brekel,iClone. And Breke is free and basic but is very good, But i want to understand and create my own system or application to work with kinect


Thx for the Help.