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#5043463 Programming with Kinect?

Posted by EMascheG on 15 March 2013 - 12:23 PM

Hi Comunity Gamedev.net


I interesting programming with the kinect to use for create my small studio of Mocap or Motion Capture, I see is cheap and make good result for animations. So i start investigate what i need to program with Kinect and find 3 results, there are:


- OpenNI Standard Framework




- OpenKinect




- Microsoft Kinect SDK




I see the three works with Kinect and find tutorials,site and comunity they are using the 3 tools for kinect and anothers use all or 2 in the same time.

So who someone know can help to tell what are the diference with OpenNI,OpenKinect,Kinect SDK,. So for example who is more better to schedule with Kinect for Mocap and animations for videogames. Who have more tutorials or support of the community or easy to understand, have examples and for me is important be MultiPlataform can work in Windows,Linux,Mac or another OS


Another think i see exists programs who can use with kinect for example Brekel,iClone. And Breke is free and basic but is very good, But i want to understand and create my own system or application to work with kinect


Thx for the Help.

#4966521 What Physics Engine is Better?

Posted by EMascheG on 05 August 2012 - 08:00 PM

I really don't understand why people enjoy spreading false informations on the internet.

PhysX and Havok are both free.

PhysX and Havok are free i know. but PhysX you dont have access to the source code or modify somehting of PhysX is the same case with Havok. Another Think is Havok only is free Havok PHYSICS and ANIMATION ARE FREE ONLY IN USE NO COMMERCIAL. but my engine i want sell including the sdk of physics including the source code of the SDK if the persons buy want. That is the reason i want sdk of physics how bullet or Newtor or something like that.

PhysX is hardware accelerated on NVidia cards (GTX 400 series and above only I think) but not AMD cards, otherwise its a fully functioning high quality physics library that you should seriously consider (assuming the license is compatible with your project, dependant on what the project is you may have to pay or you may be able to use it for free). It has been used in many commercial games: Mirrors edge, arma 3 (when released), mafia 2, metro 2033, ghost recon, borderlands 2, batman arkham asylum (and city) and quite a few more.

Havok is a commonly used engine in the games industry although its not free to use unfortuneately. There are too many games to list that use it (326 here: http://www.giantbomb...s/92-502/games/). EDIT: It is apparently free for some projects although I can't find anything on the havok site with any sort of guidelines or even priceplans.

Newton is apparently a bit more limited, true if you want to roll a ball down a hill then its overkill but I wouldn't make a serious game with it. Infact the only game I've actually heard of on their list of games using it is ship simulator which is something that has a billion copies sitting on the bargain rack of my nearest PC game store.

Bullet is a pretty good engine. Although by default it runs on the CPU like most engines they do now provide libraries allowing it to use CUDA (Same thing that PhysX uses for hardware acceleration) aswell as OpenCL (which can optionally be hardware accelerated on most GPU's). It has been used in GTA4 and red dead redemption aswell as a few open source projects and movies.

With the exception of Havok they all have publically available bindings to be used in several languages so whatever language you program in one of the above should be available to you.

Personally I would look into either Bullet or PhysX

Thanks 6677 for the great opinion and council. I decided to use Bullet for the moment. maybe can join with another Engine of Physics because bullet only work with collisions and rigid,soft body. i need another engine what work with Fluids,etc