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Programming with Kinect?

15 March 2013 - 12:23 PM

Hi Comunity Gamedev.net


I interesting programming with the kinect to use for create my small studio of Mocap or Motion Capture, I see is cheap and make good result for animations. So i start investigate what i need to program with Kinect and find 3 results, there are:


- OpenNI Standard Framework




- OpenKinect




- Microsoft Kinect SDK




I see the three works with Kinect and find tutorials,site and comunity they are using the 3 tools for kinect and anothers use all or 2 in the same time.

So who someone know can help to tell what are the diference with OpenNI,OpenKinect,Kinect SDK,. So for example who is more better to schedule with Kinect for Mocap and animations for videogames. Who have more tutorials or support of the community or easy to understand, have examples and for me is important be MultiPlataform can work in Windows,Linux,Mac or another OS


Another think i see exists programs who can use with kinect for example Brekel,iClone. And Breke is free and basic but is very good, But i want to understand and create my own system or application to work with kinect


Thx for the Help.

OpenCL or OpenMP for Streaming in a Game Engine

14 February 2013 - 04:59 PM

Hi GameDev.


I am in the process of my Game Engine, I want implement a system of streaming to create big maps or terrain so i need a system of stream to avoid overloading of memory,cpu. 

For example: my terrain will be the size of 100x100km or more. and more the entities,objects,etc will need very powerfull machine to run.

I need a streaming system to avoid this. and see the more used, easy to learn is OpenCL and OpenMP(Another think is, i using OpenCL to my physics system with Bullet Engine).

So what recommend me OpenCL or OpenMP and can tell me about tips,reviews,experience,problems,Who is more difficult?. using this streaming languages ,Another think that round my head is about OpenCL is can work with CPU?. so can use that too so for example: a person don´t have a very good GPU so can use the CPU.

Also don´t there a OpenCL SDK or IDE official of Khronos Group only the company Intel,IBM,Nvidia,AMD have a SDK(Here can see more http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenCL#OpenCL-conformant_products) then exits a tools or something to programming with OpenCL and my same code can use the AMD,Nvidia Cards and CPU, if don´t exits can programming in the Nvidia SDK(Because i have Card Nvidia) and later my code can use the AMD card or need modify in SDK of AMD, later pass to have SDK of IBM to use in CPU, But using this process i complicating things and for game engine is no usefull.

Soo with OpenMP don´t have this type of problem if can´t use OpenCL.


Thanks for looking more to help me, Sorry if i wrong writing, I still learning English and don´t write very well.

Best IDE and Compiler for Shader Languages

29 November 2012 - 04:31 PM

Hi Comunity Gamedev

1- My question is the best IDE and Compiler to programming shader languages. I want and IDE and Compiler Multi-Plattaform
and what Shader language recommend me(Cg or GLSL) because i want a shader language Multi-Plattaform(Windows,Linux,Mac,PS3,etc) because for my game engine 3D multi-plattaform, in my engine i try to be can use in all System Operative(Windows,Linux,Mac) more later i want add support to PS3,Wii,Xbox,PSP,etc

2- And another Thing i starting to programming in Unity how shader programming to learn everything about shaders to later apply to my engine. soo what shader language is best to use in Unity, I try to be my shaders run in all versions of unity(Windows,Mac and Linux).

Thanks to all to visit my Topic and more thanks to respond and help my with my questions.

What Physics Engine is Better?

29 July 2012 - 11:08 AM


One Question about SDK or Engine Physics. I dont know is my question is good.

How Engine is better and more easy to use to create destruction or create really enviromments.
And what is the difference with Bullet,Newton,Tokama

Thanks for read and Thanks for answer.

What IDE is Better

27 July 2012 - 07:09 PM


Ifrst i have a doubt about to select a IDE to programming. I see two IDE to use CodeBlocks or Qt Creator. Why this two because i want to create a engine,physcis sdk, I want multi platform. Codeblocks use wxWidgets and Qt creator use Qt library.

I want who is better in the programing and compatibility with another another language programming. Because i want to use Lua,Javascript and C++ and OpenGL. also who is better to use because i want my projects is posible to use in Mac,Linux,Windows

What of the two IDE is better to use with a Engine Physics how Bullet and PAL.
Another think what Engine of Physics is Better to use Bullet or ODE. and for what serves PAL Engine Physics.
And where can get a books or manuals about engine physics how Bullet,ODE or PAL

Thanks for read and Very Thanks to respond and help to clear my doubts.
Sorry if you see a error in the topic. I dont know write very well in english