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Windows 8 Direct3D Getting Started Help -- Two Cubes

28 July 2012 - 08:06 AM

Hi --

I am trying to explore/learn Direct3D for Windows 8 Metro. When you create a new Direct3D project in Visual Studio 2012 RC you get a template and it has a single rotating cube. I am using that along with online docs to learn.

To take the next step it would be great to have a sample that adds a second cube and has it rotate around that first one. That would make a nice basic sample/tutorial that could really help answer some basic questions (none of MS tutorials for Metro have more than one object in the scene).

I have tried to do it myself but I am missing something :(
(and looking at previous versions of Direct3D I can't make teh leap to how it is done here in Metro)

Would anyone be able to send code snip or pseudo-code as to how to add another cube to that existing code -- how to add objects to that scene. So just the basic scene with two cubes (or sphere or any 3D object) would be plenty!

Thank you!!!