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#4964781 I need help getting into flash game making

Posted by on 31 July 2012 - 03:19 AM

First off i really hope this is okay to post this here If not i do apologize.

What im needing to know is what is a book/program i could get to get me started?
I also read somewhere math skills are needed but my math skills are terrible does this screw me completly?
I dont mind devoting a year or two on learning this i just want to see progress.
Average cost to get me started?
Im not rich but i want to start making simple flash games and java like games such as runescape/Deadfrontier in the future i just have no idea where to start or begin.
I also have 0 experience in anything required to do this.
I have been messing with Gamemaker 8.1 Seems interesting but the simple fact is there anyway to sell the game i make with this? My Goal is to make a Multiplayer game i can sell/make profit with but also play it myself