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Introducing Mehself

31 July 2012 - 06:02 PM

Just thought I would get myself into this community. SO HERE WE GO BRO!

I'm starting my career in game design at Full Sail University, which is a new media college dedicated to staying up to date in the world and getting their grads out into the industry doing great things! ;D

I've been creating games since I was 8, no not computer games! I remember the first game I made was with my cousins, we called it Shop. We would get all our toys together and use money from Monopoly. Then we would act like shopkeepers and sell our toys to each other, band against one another, and fight for riches untold! Geah...

The first real game that I put a lot of effort in to, and I mean a lot, was Apocalyptic Legacy. AL was a pen and paper style game incorporating an apocalyptic scenario with bosses, guns, dungeons, factions, rich story, and a lot f*cking more, So much more... Jesus. It really blew my mind how creative I could actually be and I knew that if I never gave up my dream I could be doing some really amazing things for the gaming industry.

After AL I wanted to do some games for the computer, so I picked myself up a C++ book and got started. It took me 2 years to learn that horrid language and I loved it. I wanted more though after making my first text adventure game so I taught myself Python. After that I messed with RPG Maker and wanted to doing scripting for it so I taught myself Ruby. ;D But I felt like I was being a douche and didn't feel like I was doing enough to make a game so I wanted to learn about graphics. Taught myself Ogre, SDL, and OpenGL.

Now I'm at the point I'm at now. It's getting close to school time and I'm stoked as f*ck! So I thought the last thing, which should've been the first thing, was to gain a community. Hey guys! ;D