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the other spartacus

Member Since 03 Aug 2012
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wanna be iphone game guy

03 August 2012 - 04:53 AM

Hello all.. I am the other spartacus and I'm declaring my noobness to all... Please be gentle. I've been banging my brain with xcode for a few weeks now (in what little spare time I have) doing a basic tutorial by Ray Wenderlich. It's called 'BullsEye'. Actually I'm kinda stuck on it at the moment, but that's another story.

I've also been doing some research and have discovered that there are other ways to make games. I've checked out iTorque 2D amongst others and was wondering what you guys might think about it. Coding is difficult for me as I am not from a codey background (I work as a gardener).. I was wondering whether using iTorque 2D was a good idea. It appears to be less hard core corey and easier in general. I would like to eventually become more codey myself, but feel that this app might bring me closer to it sooner.

Oh, and do you think that it's actually possible to make a game that's comparable in the way it works to something like Tiny Wings (creativity aside) using iTorque2D?

I'd be grateful for any feedback.. Thanks..