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In Topic: Just need some start advice...

Yesterday, 01:04 AM

It's common to use placeholder art until bigger and better is developed, especially until later versions of your game.


As for the 3D and other art assets themselves, there are websites with open source assets. The licenses very from restricted under certain conditions to absolutely free for any use. There are sounds, effects, 2D, 3D, and other assets.  I usually make my own, but once in a while I use an open source asset.

In Topic: Islamaphobia in the United States

Yesterday, 12:57 AM


I have nothing against doing things within reason to stop terrorism/combat crime in general, but there is definitely a point that it is no longer just fighting terrorism but basically just mass surveillance based on a fear.


I think the reasonable limitation is no surveillance of mosques or churches or bars or whatever, unless there is credible evidence of a real threat (as approved by a judge in some kind of court permission for that limited-geographic-scope-and-limited-duration-but-indiscriminate-and-unproven-mass-surveillance.



 People would be very shocked about many of the verses in The Quran. For Islamists, they are all perfectly normal to them. A lot of them also believe in The Hadiths which might be even more shocking.


I believe that our USA Constitution and Federal Laws did not take into consideration the inevitability of an invasive civilization entering and growing in the USA  - with the intent on world domination.


When a tribe lives by all the same rules, then all is well.  Large numbers of infiltrators tend to make those rules, no matter how virtuous on their own, into a major vulnerability.


I am reminded how The Greek Empire and The Roman Empire were founded fundamentally on a primitive Democracy or democratic-like values. Those two empires were extremely powerful in every major way ( including military ) but one:  Their governmental system (Senate / Monarchy) allowed for mass migrations which would eventually cause their downfall.

In Topic: Islamaphobia in the United States

Yesterday, 12:45 AM

For the folk having the little conversation in response to my use of Islamists, I understand that either Muslim or Islamist is correct. For the actual Islamist, there might be a Politically Correct reason or set of PC reasons for using the term Muslims instead of Islamists.


A believer and follower of Muhammad would tend to claim that the term Muslim means believer, from what I have heard and read. I like the term Islamist because it reminds the listener that the main issue for the Muslim is the promotion of Islam in the world. On the surface for many people, that might not seem too bad.


My view is that if Western Civilization is going to maintain its direction toward freedoms and human rights, importing many millions of high birthrate Islamists would work against the promotion of such Western Values. Although Islam has many things in common with The West, it also has many differences and direct opposites.


Europe is in big trouble politically, culturally, and in values with the Islamists which it now has. For example, in many places European woman can no longer walk the sidewalks freely with jeans and T-shirts without fear of being accosted by Islamic men and boys. This is not merely a cultural difference between The West and Islam, because The Quran rather looks degradingly upon western values. In my opinion, it emboldens the Islamist to oppose western values rather aggressively on many levels.


I stand by my previous comment that the conflicts of Islam and The West are only going to worsen.  MASS immigration and NO Borders policies are like a supercharger upon this conflict.

In Topic: Islamaphobia in the United States

29 April 2016 - 04:11 AM

Islamists have every right to live in the USA and most of them are good people.


That being said, the main goal of Islam is to overtake the entire world and Islamists are massively colonizing western nations. France has over 20% of births being from Islamic families and the percentage is climbing. France might already be too late to avoid being Islamized. The same is true for Sweden. At current rates of mass immigration and high birthrates of Islamists, Britain and Germany will be nearing the point of no return in 20-30 years. Much of this is generating appeal for people such as Nigel Farage and Donald Trump for eventual national leaders.


Sadly, it should be obvious that the clash of civilizations of Islam and The West will only get worse - until Jesus Christ establishes his worldwide kingdom ( who knows how long that will be  ^_^  ).

In Topic: Overheating Computer

16 April 2016 - 11:28 AM

This laptop has always overheated, literally new out the box.


Thanks for the comments, folk.