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In Topic: Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

Today, 11:15 PM

Every informed American knows that betrayals against the USA and our interests are common in the establishment. The vast majority of Americans admit that this the reality now.


As far as I know, the approval ratings of the public for both the Congress and Press are still in single digits percentage. 


HELLO!   I am not alone in seeing that the public is getting not only ignored but stabbed in the back!


We have a President and Supreme Court making the law of the land, which is only the responsibility of the Legislative Branch of government (Congress).  We continue to be put in undeclared wars, which is another violation of the US Constitution. The USA is literally being sold to the world. HEY! THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!


The many lies of Hillary Clinton which have been exposed over the years and reaffirmed recently are only a tip of the corruption iceberg.


It is no mere conspiracy theory to say that the global elite are the masters and many of our politicians in Washington D.C. are their puppets.


MASS immigration, NO Borders, and selling the USA to the world are only symptoms of a corrupt system. Leaders in education, media, and government both lie and conceal the truth. Polls show that most of the public are aware of this and are disgusted with it.


These obvious reasons and much more are why Donald Trump should win by a landslide victory in November.


Again: These are the realities.

In Topic: Trafic And Activity To The Forums Are Lower?

Today, 11:00 PM

There are still many viewers each day. I noticed that.   :)

In Topic: Discord Vs.team Speak Fpr Closws Qa Testing?

Today, 10:54 PM

I've been on several teams which use TeamSpeak and/or Skype. TeamSpeak can be embedded into a website so you can easily see on the webpage who is connected (present), if the site supports it. Once it's configured, TeamSpeak is very easy to start and use. You can have it start on the Desktop when you sign into your user account (a startup program).  There is also email support / instant notification if someone sends you a message while they are on TeamSpeak looking for you. There are some plugins, too. TS can file share and have different levels of security for users which is assigned by the administrator. Overall - in my opinion - I find TS to have more features and it is more reliable. I never have connection problems with TS but sometimes there are with Skype. With TS, there is very little demand on the CPU, so you can have video / game content running with no interference. If you chose the correct audio codec, then that CPU demand is extremely low.  I know almost nothing about Discord. Nobody that I know uses it.

In Topic: Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

Yesterday, 08:47 AM

HILLARY for PRISON - 2016 !


That's one of the main reasons for the appeal of outsider Donald Trump against the traitor establishment of anti-USA media, education, and government who are puppets of the Global Elite.


I don't want a "New World Order" run by unelected Global Elite. 


I want my USA Constitution to be upheld and respected.


"Borders, Language, and Culture makes a nation," Doctor Michael Savage

In Topic: Who comes up with the next project in a studio?

01 July 2016 - 12:31 PM

In my team, the game designer tells us what areas need work. He is not a micromanager but expects us to complete areas or lists of things. Sometimes he has something specific to do. He does offer his views on a regular basis about the quality of the product or techniques to use. The developer works almost exclusively with the designer. We rarely get anything directly from him and vice a versa.  Our team members are mostly hundreds or thousands of miles apart and work thru the Internet, including conferences online. A couple guys live only about 1 hour from one another in Germany and sometimes meet in person, but that is the exception.