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Drones Move the Laser Industry

20 October 2014 - 09:47 AM



There is continuous arms race among opposing weapons technologies. I am wondering how the world will be in the arms race of this century. The USA Pentagon has the approval to push the envelope in developing and deploying technologies which are defensive and hopefully effective.  An example is the anti-ballistic missile shield technologies. There are already operational high power lasers aboard large jet aircraft.


Will we see a time when all airborne means of carrying weapons will be extremely vulnerable to being shot to the ground? Are we seeing the beginning of the dominance of defensive weapons to control the air?


Take a look at this:


Fusion Energy Source Advancement - News Today!

15 October 2014 - 09:58 AM

Hi,                                                                                                                                                                             2014, October 15, Wednesday


Today Lockheed Martin, the USA Pentagon's largest supplier, announced a break in the research to develop the first practical fusion reactor. The first working lab version would be developed and tested, expected to be functioning in about 1 year. A prototype could be ready in about 5 years.


Lockheed says that the reactor section could be towed by a large truck with main component size measuring about 7 feet by 10 feet.  The output could be as high as 100 megawatts.  


The immediate implications are that viable fusion power is only around the corner. The fusion reactor could economically provide energy for a city or for other major applications such as large ships.


My personal view is that this advancement will enable permanent colonization of space in the foreseeable future, as well.


If this is real, then it would be one of the most important advances in human history!





DirectX 12

08 August 2014 - 12:15 AM



Next year is supposed to be the year of the release of DirectX 12. I had another article on DX 12 in GDNet Lounge but the reply time limit was reached. More has come to light about DX12.


Microsoft believes that DirectX 12 will run on all NVidia Hardware in which DirectX 11 runs.  About 40% of AMD graphics that runs DirectX 11 will also take DirectX 12 "out the box".  NVidia worked with Microsoft for the last 4 years on DirectX 12 in contrast with AMD developing Mantle API in recent years. DirectX 12 is targeting mainly personal PCs, though will be support for other computing devices. The partnership of Microsoft and NVidia has the aim of "creating the next generation graphics for PC games", while offering both a leaner API layer and opening more access to resources in hardware acceleration.  Previous versions of DirectX  added more coding overhead to handle legacy issues and cross-platform implementation, among other things. It looks as though DirectX 12 will be more targeting to later system and hardware than previous DX versions.


Big title game developers will have an adjustment to make in their approach to DX graphics. DX 12 seems to be made to provide all that NVidia graphics has to offer.  Microsoft wants to reply to Mantle and keep competitive pressure on OpenGL.  It would seem that each major hardware developer is being offered a certain API solution. Is the day of cross-platform APIs nearing a close?


There is a nice article in July Edition of Maximum PC about DirectX 12.

Internet Explorer 11 Debacle

28 July 2014 - 06:00 PM



After trying everything at the Microsoft website and other sites to fix the problem (short of reinstalling everything by restore to factory fresh condition), I still can not install Internet Explorer 11. I am an IT Consultant, so I know that all the solutions offered were done right by me. Both Windows Update and manually installing from Microsoft download of IE 11 failed repeatedly.  There does not seem to be corrupt files according to BIOS.




Windows 7 32-bit

Updated, except for IE 11


In the media I have heard about a bunch of problems with this IE, including major security issues which MS claims to have covered. Somebody dropped the ball in the Beta testing of this one, for sure.



The New Space Race

27 May 2014 - 09:44 PM



Has anybody been following even a little of the many space projects around the globe?  A bunch of governments and corporations are working on a lot of different things.  Some amazing things are going to immerge from this, I'm sure. What would you like to see happen?