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New Natural User Interface for PC & Smartphone game app

06 August 2012 - 03:09 AM

Dear game developers,
I am a student at a University in Sweden involved in a research project for a new Natural User Interface for gaming applications. We are researchers developing a finger ring that embeds several micro sensors (as a bundle of accelerometers, gyroscope and magnetometer) combined with a Bluetooth/wifi communication protocol.
This finger ring has similar characteristics as the smartphone sensors -but packaged in a normal finger ring- and can track the position of a user's finger/hand in 3d space, together with the information about acceleration and orientation.

This new device can be used with any bluetooth receiver, as a PC or smartphone.
  • Would you developer be interested in such a device for creating new interactive applications?
  • And how would you use such an innovative device?
  • Would you like to use it for PC and/or for smartphone?
We think that this device open up new possibilities for interactions with PC games and in smartphone/tablet game areas too!

Thank you and wait to hear for your great thoughts and comments!