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[XNA] COLLADA Deled3D editor

07 May 2013 - 03:21 PM

Hello guys, lately i started working on my game's levels and i found Deled3D to be an amazing product, extremely easy to use, fantastic material manager, but i had only a simple problem regarding custom models and exporting : 


Every time i export the scene in any format, for each mesh it saves all it's data ( vertices, normals, UVs and more ) while i only want it to save either the models name or it's directory. 

If i didn't make myself clear, here's what i would like : 

Instead of : 

 <geometry id="mesh2-geometry" name="88_trailer2">
        <source id="mesh2-geometry-position">
          <float_array id="mesh2-geometry-position-array" count="7071">


I'd simply like :

 <geometry id="mesh2-geometry" name="88_trailer2">
        <source id="mesh2-geometry-position" src="MODEL NAME or PATH TO MODEL" />



Is there any way to achieve it without manually doing it after exporting the scene ?. This also dramatically decreases the file's size and allows me to reuse models across different scenes without reloading them each time.

Thanks for the time and feel free to suggest other tools aswell! 


Happy coding!

Deferred rendering

21 April 2013 - 02:24 PM

Hello! I'm working on a deferred rendering engine ( lighting ) for my game. The approach is really simple : 

  1. Set up multiple render targets for color,specular,depth etc.. (GBuffer) 
  2. Draw geometry
  3. Resolve render targets ( GBuffer)
  4. Draw lights

I'm drawing the geometry with the GBuffer shader whose pixel shader returns the different render target values, but what if i wanted to use "custom" shaders for the geometry that don't return the values for the multiple render targets : the "normal" shaders.


My idea would be :

  1. Draw geometry with "normal" shaders to a render target
  2. Set up multiple render targets (GBuffer)
  3. Draw the previously rendered scene once again 
  4. Resolve render targets (GBuffer)
  5. Draw lights

This approach shouldn't be very memory expensive and seems quite simple, but i'm interested in knowing how other people tackled this problem and if there are "better" solutions. If my idea is completely wrong please tell me!


Thank you for your time and happy coding!


Multiple textures on same model

17 February 2013 - 02:09 AM

Hello guys, i'm working on a little game that i plan to release on XBox, but i have a little problem. I have a .fbx model that has different textures for different meshparts, if i use basic-effect XNA automatically assign the right texture to the right mesh part, but when i use a costum effect i don't know which texture to assign to the right mesh part. I've been googling for awhile, but most of the question are either not-answered or answers are completely useless. 

Now to resolve this problem i've thought about 3 solutions, but i have no clue how to implement them : 


I ) Hard-coding the texture for each meshpart, saving them in a configuration file. I don't like this approach because it's not dynamic and it's way too long


II ) Compressing the textures into a single texture. This won't be bad, but i don't know where to look for such tool

III ) Extracting the texture information from the model. This is IMHO the best solution and what i should try to do, since BasicEffect knows it there must a be a way to get it from the .fbx file, but really i have no clue.


Thank you again. I'd be glad if you could provide a code sample or link me a paper or tutorial. 

Cross platform mobile development

29 January 2013 - 07:02 AM

Hello, i'd like to know what are th options if you want to develop a game that runs on every mobile device ( ios and android mainly ) except for c#\XNA/Mono. I don't want to use an engine either so i was looking at a cross-platform 2d graphic library.

Thank you for your time and good day!

Vector Shooter 2D Top-View Arena game

14 January 2013 - 01:37 PM

Lately i've been working on Vector-Shooter. As the title states it is a 2D top-view arena game, the idea of the game is to provide the player a funny 2d action experience, but unfortunately it turned out to be more a tech demo than a real game, for now i'll be releasing the binaries only, will update the source code later. This because i'm currently rewriting parts of the code that are not well written.
I tried to experiment with a lot of design techniques and algorithms, in fact the game "features" : 
> Goal-Based AI (with pseudo-equations to determine the different state values )
> Multiple pathfinding algorithms ( A*, Dijkstra  )for different purposes.
> Lua integration
> XML loading
> XBox360 controller support
> Game states
& more language specific features
The game technically is almost completed, the big features that are missing are :
> Sound ( i've already written the c++ wrapper for OpenAL and the Engine ), i'm only looking for some music and sound effects
> Graphics ( i'm not really a graphic guy, the assets are 90% made by me, i'll try to replace it as soon as i can.
What i'm working on : 
> Port all XML files to LUA
> Polish gameplay, weapons
> Create more maps
> Fix bugs
DISCLAIMER : "The credit menu button IT'S working, but there is nothing to display" 
Controls : 
ENTER - BACKSPACE - ARROW KEYS : navigate the menu 
ESC : pause the game
WASD : move in the arena
Q - E : switch weapon ( will add number support soon ) 
Left-mouse click : shoot
There are different game modes : 
Night Mode - Day Mode
Different difficulties 
Time limit
Kill limit
The gameplay is what really needs to be polished. 
The project has been compiled using VC++11 ( Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 compiler ) on Windows 7 64-bit.
The game will never ( for now ) run on non-windows platforms because of the XBox 360 controller support.
Download links : 
All the credits for the arts are included in each folder.
VS-0.7-MSVS2012-update1.zip > 0.7 version compiled with 2012.1 version of MSVS 2012, in this way it should work on Windows XP.
Here are some screenshoots :