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Appropriate number of bugs

10 November 2013 - 03:05 PM

Our project Burnt Islands reminds me more and more about the project "European Air War". We have sometimes so many bugs that a huge amount of time goes to fixing them and not actually working on new features.

So, as I look at our issue tracker (Redmine) right now we have approximately 50% bugs and about 50% features and this is after fixing a whole lot of them for the past 3 days. As we like to rest and enjoy some Thursday - Saturday drinks, one of us thought that it could be motivating if we needed to fix at least 3 bugs or features in order to earn the right to get a drink!

It became a kind of competition where the one who is not working at a day job is able to do three quick bugs due to the knowledge of the code base, while the other one needed to sit for 2 hours to get a drink!

Exhausting but also a real motivation to get things done. One of the days it took so long time to figure out the fix that it was already too late to drink! Well, it resulted that complex tasks are now divided into smaller ones so that it doesn't take too much time to fix them.

Whatever works for you this what we are doing now. But is that right? How do other indie developers do things? Do you guys also have many bugs?

3-bugs-1-drink has the disadvantage that larger and more complex bugs/features aren't started after a while. Maybe it's better to work 1 - 1.5 hours on the night shift before getting a drink?

One of us works as an enterprise application programmer at her day job and here is how the big guys do things:

- all major tasks are being specified and analyzed beforehand and is then divided into smaller tasks.
- developers get those small tasks and implement them in a period of 1-3 weeks (Agile / Scrum method).
- at the end of each iteration everything that was done gets tested and bugs are being fixed on the fly.
- next iteration - new tasks.

If we were using this method for our game development then the number of bugs would grow so huge after 3 weeks that I think it could take up to 1 month just to fix them. If we used those 2-3 days at the end of the iteration and no more then the game could look pretty much like "Day one Garry's incident" game that is full of bugs and received a horrible review.

We don't want to release a bad game, so we wonder what is the best way to do things so that you implement new features and keep the bugs down?
(oh, we can't write bug-free code if anyone was wondering).

And what is the usual proportion of bugs vs new features in the game development industry?

New game prototype

28 February 2013 - 10:47 PM

Hi there


We've been working on a new game prototype recently and would like to
hear what you think about it. We've tried to make a huge open-world 3d
game since 2011, but wasn't so lucky to come up with an interesting gameplay idea so far. This one is another try:


Here's a video of the gameplay


Here is our web site with a working download for Windows.



Some ideas on what to do with our game

05 January 2013 - 03:26 PM

Hi there.

We've been making a game called Monster for the past year in our spare time. Most major technical components are implemented and in use. We have a working prototype of the game, and it's playable. But there is one vital aspect with it, which we can't wrap our heads around:

The game is boring.

None of us are artists or designers. We are both programmers working on this.

We'd very much like some input / ideas on what to do with our game as it stands today.

Here are some facts:

* It's written in C++ and target platforms are Windows and Linux.
* Using Irrlicht as the 3D-engine and Bullet Physics for physics.
* The world is in 3D and is procedurally generated, and the world is just as high as it's wide/long (about 2^67 meters in each direction).
* Multiplayer is possible (and implemented).
* The terrain is dynamic and can be manipulated (bombs will leave a crater and so on).

Here is a video of latest release.

Here is our web site with a working download for Windows.

Is there hope? What can be done to make this game more interesting?