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In Topic: US Government Will Never Fix It's Financial Problems

25 November 2012 - 09:47 PM

I think the problem here is the calling the funding of a war "Defense"... It was purely nepotism on the part of the former president... who was the son of a president who had a beef with Saddam Hussien. If he just went after examining Bin Laden's whereabouts instead of declaring war on Iraq, we wouldn't be in those trillions of debt.

Dubya was paid off by rich arabian sultans or whatever the hell in oil money....

In Topic: Death Never Accepts

14 August 2012 - 07:02 PM

How's this for a summary?

Posted Image

We're looking for fresh blood! Will it be yours?
Death Never Accepts is having an open casting call. Artists, Programmers, Writers, please apply. Post on forums your qualifications or reply to this post or pm me!

Follow us on Twitter. @gameDeathNever.
Visit and like us on Facebook!
Come to our homepage.

In Topic: Death Never Accepts

14 August 2012 - 07:30 AM

you did? I must have never gotten the message. Darn skype. I'm supposed to be working on a "Born to Reign" project and am their chief recruiter or as close to one as they've got. That project has drips of activity here and there. My Damar concept has no interest... so I can certainly do a little freelancing without any profit motive.

So your concept seems to be a Shadowrun-like game with non-human mutations running amok in a Distopian future. I like the art I've seen of it. You certainly have some good looking characters. And the lore is shaping up well.... what could I help with?

In Topic: In response to "Free Alternatives to the D20 system."

13 August 2012 - 01:26 PM

Why not come up with your own? It is the least risky, and in my view, also the most fun.

Do you really want to tell people, "Look at me, I'm a copycat!", or would you rather announce "I made this awesome thing myself." ?

I don't see what's wrong with adapting when you're allowed to. Yes, creating new material is a grand idea. But if things are going to be derivative or be perceived as being derivative somehow. I think alot of Japanese RPGs borrow the same mechanics from each other....

But creating material whether it is new or an adaption takes hard work.

In Topic: My project.

13 August 2012 - 07:41 AM

Condidering Ethanon Engine. Might be a 2D project after all.

As seen here.