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#4971319 Suicide as a major subject in my games. What do you think?

Posted by on 19 August 2012 - 09:36 PM

Not preventing it, but instead having characters commit it to advance the story. I've suffered from depression all my life (I am 22), and death is always on my mind. So I think putting the subject in my games will be a good form of expression. I will be making these games out of passion and love, and I hope to hit a chord with others who feel like myself.

The first game would take place on a non-human planet full of dispair, and everyone hates humanity as a whole while suffering in their own existence. The main player is an orphan (whos parents killed themselves) who comes from a poor area and is recruited to commit the genocide of an ecsaped cybernetic race on another planet, in the ultimate war machine. At the end of his mission he is killed so the army can say he stole the piece of technology to commit his racial war, but they activated the self destruct mechinism after it was "too late".

The next game is split between him as a ghost in the ship and another character as they explore the manicly depressed planet. The character in the ship destroys things for fun and commits suicide to end his misery, but he ends up in another plane of existence, never finding the oblivion he seeks. The other character eventually finds the creator of the cybernetic technology who kills himself in a way to make the army think the race sent an assassin to kill him so they would use their resources to seek out the servivors using their war machines and not fight other nations on the planet.

Theres another game, but it isnt as focused on suicide like the others. It is just to tie up the story of course, and has its own theme in it as well.

What do you think of suicide as a major subject in a game? In my games and others as well. Should there be more games with suicides, or none at all? Is it too negative, or is it not touched upon enough?