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In Topic: Garbage Collector?

26 September 2012 - 10:05 PM

What is the problem you are trying to solve with garbage collection? Are you trying to deal with cross-object references and lifetime management?

Even if you go with garbage collection, you should still avoid run-time allocations and explicitly run the garbage collector at load-time or whenever you can hide the massive frame spike you will get.

My main interest in GC is related to RTS-type games. I'm experimenting with different ways to reach a good balance between game performance and resource management. The suggestion of smart pointers is definitely interesting and I'm probing that scenario.

In the RTS genre, you constantly have dynamic objects being created and destroyed. The main thing I'm trying to work out is this:

Would a single sweep to collect a large amount of destroyed units be more efficient than interrupting the gameflow in order to destroy each individual unit as it is no longer in the game? Think of multiplayer RTS battles like Supreme Commander or Total Annihilation where you can literally have 100+ units being destroyed within the span of "seconds" (vs "minutes"). Interrupt game logic to destroy each unit individually as it becomes unreferenced or sweep occasionally to destroy several unreferenced units?

In Topic: Backgrounds for full 3D camera rotation

20 August 2012 - 03:16 PM

Perfect! Skybox is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! About the collision detection, I'm guessing I'll have to create a new content pipeline processor specifically for skyboxes, since my current implementation processes all 3D models with their corresponding hitboxes.