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In Topic: 2.5D Dynamic LOD Voxel Renderer

29 January 2015 - 02:12 PM

I've seen the euclidean thing, And as far as i can tell, It doesnt really support dynamic lighting.

I dont neccessarily need the engine to run in real-time, but closer to something like a beefed up blender "cycles"

As well, a huge part of this is expected to be working on the hardware side, as well as the soft side.

In Topic: 2.5D Dynamic LOD Voxel Renderer

29 January 2015 - 01:54 PM

My problem with LOD is that always BDRF comes to my mind. And then I want global illumination ... 
See how much RAM you have, assume an octree and then assuming your low res on screen the player has to move very close to anything to see your voxels..


I don't understand this. What is BDRF? 

I expect that to fully realise this idea, it'll be required to have a "super-computer" built designed to specialize in running the engine (renderer, and other)


Modelling worlds and rendering them nicely is all about trickery and "faking it"


A lot of the world-modelling is hoped to be highly dependent on proc. gen., dealing with each independent brick, tree, leaf, etc.


In Topic: 2.5D Dynamic LOD Voxel Renderer

29 January 2015 - 01:39 PM

Well on the consumer side, it would seem cheaper to just purchase a machine that communicates with your computer, Than to purchase a highly specialized "console" designed to run "games" and simulations using this engine.


But then again, I'm also considering beefing it up even more, without taking the consumer into consideration. And making it into a sort of next-gen arcade machine, where you pay to use it for a while, rather than owning your own.


And yes, I suppose its similar to minecraft, On steroids, or something. Since its intended to have maybe 10k Voxels for every 1m. (Or as few as 1 Voxel for 1km) and with a severely beefed up lighting system.

In Topic: 2.5D Dynamic LOD Voxel Renderer

29 January 2015 - 01:10 PM

Oh, And to boot, Throw in physics-based lighting.


What you see is completely dependent on Light (probably best simulated as a color, position, and "energy" value.), Viewpoint (Mostly just simulated as a position, but might have some fancy stuff added like seeing colors differently, seeing things a bit lighter than others, etc.), and Material properties, which have yet to be determined. But, in essence, It should be possible to create a scene like the one above, using only a light source, a viewpoint, and an array of voxels with material properties that affect the way the light is reflected, refracted, lost, etc. But only in relation to the viewpoint. (This would be tricky, since a lot of this would rely on having light "bounce" off the stone, part of it returning to the viewpoint, part of it lighting other areas, and returning to the viewpoint with less "energy" etc.)


Oh yeah, and one more 'impossible' thing to add. Make it an MMO, or at least with a client-server style infrastructure. While it would be possible to just say that all the rendering is handled client-side, How would all those "infinitely detailed" voxels be dealt with? Constant file-streaming, perhaps? Would it be faster to just stream the rendered images to the client, rather than stream the world/area, and wait for the client to render it? I feel like the latter option would be less intensive on the client, making it possible for the "machine" to be cheaper for a consumer, at the cost of a much more expensive server.

In Topic: What Easy-To-Use and Free Program Should I Use For Level Design?

15 July 2013 - 07:29 PM

honestly, for level design, one of the best tools out there is a pencil and paper. most software wont give you as much freedom as you need, or restricts things to a very noticable grid which can be jarring.