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#5067716 Challenge #2: What tools can you not live without?

Posted by on 05 June 2013 - 04:20 PM

Pepakura, Alchemy have been useful and interestingly different methods I've used to accomplish things graphic-wise, if only for expirimental stuff.
Notepad++ is untouchable in terms of editing code.

#5055882 campfires and kingdoms

Posted by on 22 April 2013 - 06:02 PM

players can build kingdoms in a pvp/pve action rpg inspired by mirrors edge, dark souls, wurm online, final fantasy, elder scrolls and many other games.

starting from a one man camp to a metropolis how could a player build a succesful city that doesnt end up as a ghost town or seem unrealistic? transportation and logistics is a major concept in the game i am designing. and travelling between cities could take days. travelling alone at night would be slow and dangerous. the player cao build a campfire in order to rest and gain helpful buffs. as well as keeping away potentially dangerous creatures and animals, but making an easy target for other players and bandits. players can also buy or make tents which can be set up at a campfire for additional protection and buffs. some serving as a simple one man shelter or a more permanent outpost, and take time to set up or take down. they could also be attacked and destroyed, making them a risky investment. getting into pvp and playermade towns and structures, they make an important stepping point. after setting up a large tent you could begin creating a mine (mines would work similar to wurm online) for resources. the player could mine solo or pay npcs to work for them, in hopes that the mine provides a greater profit. eventually the player could build (or hire others to build) permanent houses and structures which other citizens would flock to as long as at least say 90 percent of the population was employed, eventually becoming a village, growing to a city or kingdom, which could be sieged by other player and npc kingdoms or raided by bandits.
Do you personally like this idea? why or why not? what would you change. can you think of any jobs and structures that could be built that would affect the town? 

#5047110 Fire Magic

Posted by on 26 March 2013 - 08:33 PM

Im planning on designing an rpg with a very detailed and creative magic and combat system, and looking back on other games for ideas on fire-based spells (or rather, magic in general) theres surprisingly not much to choose from.

Using skyrim for example, the only fire spells are "fireball" "fire storm" "flames" and an elusive fire wall spell that comes on staffs.

What different and unique spells can anyone think of that are more creative than the standard "fireball"

Im going for a bada$$ ultra destructive feel for fire magic, and each "classical" element having two counter parts for its spells, like fire/ash, and water/ice. Water would be a more soothing and flowing magic, while it could instantly be flash frozen into a more deadly ice.


- Boost power of all fire magic within 5 ft of caster for 1 minute
- Explosive blast of fire centered on caster knocks back enemies
- A linear blast of fire sets enemies ablaze
- A Cloak of heat melts ice 5 ft around and prevents cold damage to caster
- An Area of fire 5 ft around the caster is doused, creating ash.
- A Blast of ash cuts nearby enemies and leaves a thin smokescreen.
- Summon a swarm of fireflies, setting fire to everything they touch
- A gout of flame leaps from enemy to enemy, setting them on fire
- Douse a flaming enemy, overcharging next fire spell
- Douse flames around caster, replenishing health and magic.
- Summon Fire orbs, which float in place and explode when disturbed.
- Summon a goblin from ash.
- Summon a pheonix, which may resurrect as long as there is enough ash nearby.
- Summon a fire elemental.
- Summon an Ash Drake.
- Summon a fire dragon. the Legendary incarnation of destruction.
- Summon a Fire imp, with basic combat and magic capabilities.
- Fire a charged fireball at an enemy, with an explosion radius of 2 ft/second charged, to a maximum of 5 seconds.
- A shockwave of fire blasts outwards from the caster, knocking back and setting enemies on fire.
- a circular wall of fire centered on the caster prevents enemies from entering, or leaving, without burning.
- Instantly turns water and ice to steam, burning enemies.
- A storm of fire and ash wreaks havok around the caster.
- Cover the caster and allies with a coat of ash, making them harder to see in darkness, and providing some defense bonus.
- Sets blood on fire as if it were oil, creating pools of fire and burning "too close" enemies from the inside.
- trap an enemy inside a sphere of insatiable fire, burning forever or until the target is nothing but ash.
- cleanse infection/poison
- lava geyser minefield
- re-ignite ashes
- Immunity to fire %
- [Enchant] fire damage
- [Enchant] extra damage/defense vs ice
- [Enchant] resistance to fire
- [Enchant] Ash Cover (darkens the material making the user harder to detect in darkness)
- summon ash orbs, similar to fire orbs but exploding into dark thiock smokescreens instead.
- create a fountain of fire and/or ash
- summon fire wisp, like a miniature low-level elemental
- summon hellfiend/ashfiend, similar to imps but more pwerful and larger, with more advanced magic.
- possible crafting usage spells?
- possible spells unique for hand to hand combat?
- scorch earth in a straight line (or an area around the caster) for a specified distance.
- heat/melt a weapon, causing some damage to its weilder if they are not wearing addequete gloves, and a chance to disarm them.
- heat/melt armor, (only works on metallic armors) brings down the defense of an armor, making it easier to cut through, and burns the enemy over time.