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Topics I've Started

2.5D Dynamic LOD Voxel Renderer

29 January 2015 - 01:05 PM

So uhh, I suck at programming, art, etc. And yet im still overly ambitious, whatever. Heres what i want to be working on:

The art style of the game is "2d" pixel art, with Dungeon%20Master_5.png styled graphics.

At least, thats how its supposed to "look" and "feel" to the player. I don't really know how to explain this.

The world is 3d, the render engine is effectively 3d as well. The world may as well be made up of voxels at different levels of detail, similar to the way Zbrush does its thing. From very far away, a tree would look like a few green and brown pixels, but from closer, you would be able to see each knot in the bark, every detail in a leaf, etc. Potentially up to an infinite level of detail, but not necessarily.


How do i do this? 

As well, how beastly would a machine need to be that is dedicated to this render engine?

Lets assume that all the details of the render engine are handled by an external USB device or something fancy like that, since it would be rather impractical to presume that a pc would be able to process this on its own.


Any feedback/questions are welcome. Im sorry i cant really explain this very well...

Is this 3d or 2d?

10 June 2013 - 01:25 PM

I'm assuming its a mix of 3d terrain and 2d sprites, but how would i achieve a simlar effect in one of my games?


How could i go about creating a custom camera script in Unity?

03 June 2013 - 06:51 PM

I'm a little new to scripting, a general explanation of the functions i would need to use and/or a finished script with comments and outlines i could walk through myself would be useful (im not asking for free scripts, i'd probably edit and customize any if i got one to my tastes anyways.)

What i want is probably easiest explained using pictures. So here we go, crappy arts:

http://imageshack.us/a/img607/2549/75029023.png (site doesnt allow .png images? thats unhelpful.)

Woah, that turned out worse than i thought. xD anyways, the camera would roll backwards and look up when the mouse was moved until a certain point, and would roll forwards looking down, rather than just rotating to see more, it would move, more closely simulating a persons head when they look up or down, how could i accomplish this without using built in packages and scripts?

I'f this isn't very clear tell me what i should clarify so that its easier to understand. thanks ^u^ 


campfires and kingdoms

22 April 2013 - 06:02 PM

players can build kingdoms in a pvp/pve action rpg inspired by mirrors edge, dark souls, wurm online, final fantasy, elder scrolls and many other games.

starting from a one man camp to a metropolis how could a player build a succesful city that doesnt end up as a ghost town or seem unrealistic? transportation and logistics is a major concept in the game i am designing. and travelling between cities could take days. travelling alone at night would be slow and dangerous. the player cao build a campfire in order to rest and gain helpful buffs. as well as keeping away potentially dangerous creatures and animals, but making an easy target for other players and bandits. players can also buy or make tents which can be set up at a campfire for additional protection and buffs. some serving as a simple one man shelter or a more permanent outpost, and take time to set up or take down. they could also be attacked and destroyed, making them a risky investment. getting into pvp and playermade towns and structures, they make an important stepping point. after setting up a large tent you could begin creating a mine (mines would work similar to wurm online) for resources. the player could mine solo or pay npcs to work for them, in hopes that the mine provides a greater profit. eventually the player could build (or hire others to build) permanent houses and structures which other citizens would flock to as long as at least say 90 percent of the population was employed, eventually becoming a village, growing to a city or kingdom, which could be sieged by other player and npc kingdoms or raided by bandits.
Do you personally like this idea? why or why not? what would you change. can you think of any jobs and structures that could be built that would affect the town? 

Combat System for First Person RPG

26 March 2013 - 11:40 PM

Too many games out there have a very cliche and plain fighting system. With a limited variation of attacks (like three) or even just a single button which serves as every attack in the entire game, making battles between characters and creatures a simple question of who has more strength, and who can click faster.

Originally i was thinking of using an 8 directional combat sistem, using slashing attacks primarily, then elaborated on it with 8 directional blocking, parrying, feints, thrusts, and duel wielding, but im afraid that it wouldnt be very user friendly. And im havinmg trouble coming up with a way to simplify it, while keeping it difficult to master, and challenging.

In the game, fighting a goblin would be little challenge, as they lack combat skill, and could be decieved with a simple feint-thrust or equivalent maneuver, however fighting a skilled assassin would be a nearly impossible challenge to even a skilled gamer.

Additionally, I would like being hit to have more realism as well, so that if someone is wearing a helmet, and you hit them in the head with a sword, it does almmost nothing, but sliding a dagger between two plates of armor has a much better effect.

This poses an issue, ideally you would be able to swing your weapon in any direction you please (not just 8) and have to strategize your attacks based on how the enemy is fighting, and the type of armor they are wearing, while still being easy enough to use.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

P.s. Would you consider a combat system like this fun and challenging? youwould need to read your opponents attacks and respond quickly to survive.