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#4973688 Evolutionary (auto) character appearance in games?

Posted by on 27 August 2012 - 01:02 AM

I'm thinking for something similar, but i'm working on a browser game, so it's not like i have to put much graphic to make it look cooler.
I recently thought about the "character behavior" of the hero controlled by the user.

Example: There are 5 stats: strenght(aggressive), dexterity(elusive), constitution(defensive), intelligence(frenetic) and charisma(supportive), when you add a stats point to strenght it give +1 damage with meele weapon, +4 carry weight and +0.2% aggressive; when you add a stats point to dexterity it give +1 damage with ranged weapon, +1 dodge and +0.2% elusive.
Basically we have stats and behavior, when you add stats u get a "bonus" to behaviour, when u do something connected to that kind of behaviour, u get a bonus on that behaviour.

The enemy of course reacts differently to different heroes that have different behaviour. Someone that is a lot aggressive have more chance to scare a frenetic enemy, at the same time an aggressive enemy have more chance to scare a frenetic hero instead of a defensive hero (constitution).
So if you connect these two mechanisms you can get a little more complicated combat that isn't related to elements(fire,water,etc) and is role-playable(?).

What do you think?
Of course if u are working with 2d or 3d u can, as suggested by Mratthew, make this work with the look of the hero too, and that would be cool :P.