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Enemy Encounter in a Browser Game

22 August 2012 - 04:27 AM

Hi there! I'm a new user in this forum, but i secretly surfed this forum for a while, reading about other ides and suggestion about game similar mine, to see if i could find soemthing to improve or to add in my game in future.

I can't say a lot about my game, since i'm still in the "write down all things u have in mind" stage and did just a small part of the combat, to see if i could be able to program it, but i can tell u at last what my idea is.

I like a lot jRpg, or to put it in better words, i like the combat system: turn based (like final fantasy 7, this is the best example since all know about it!) and since i always dreamed to make a game, after a lot of years studying and coding i decied it was the time of starting coding one.
I like a lot Browser Game since u can play it everywhere, u just need a internet connection and without using Flash, u can use ur phone to log in and do what u want to do! Since a lot of those called "social game" aren't "social" at all, i want to try to code a game where user that cooperate with eachother get a "bonus" and can have more fun by playing in group"
So what i'm doing is basically a Browser Game (PHP/SQL/Jquery/AJAX) with features like:
  • Turn Based Combat like FF 7 with a max of 5 user in a party. (Yes i could sync all the user so when someone do something in his turn, the other see what he do at the same time.)
  • 3 different kingdoms (still need to decide if 3 or 4) with different city each and different economy/population.
  • Quest created by user with a lot of influency in the city or a lot of fame around the kingdoms.
  • And more things that i will write down if i see i can get help from this website.
At the end i'm not here to talk about my game, since i have my ideas and i've decied them, what i'm here is for asking help about Enemy Encounter.

My Browser game won't be 2d or 3d; well the combat may have the "character" of the user and the enemy designed, but u won't run around the world free, it will be the most plain text and the website graphic nothing more since i use Jquery and Php. Maybe i can explain it better using example like "Bitefight" or "Mafia Wars" or i don't know.. hope u get the idea.

So actualy i was hoping to get some suggestion / idea about how user should "encounter" the enemy and start a fight. Something not too boring and long.

I was thinking like:
  • User accept the quest alone or with the party.
  • Him or the leader of the group push a button to "start the adventure".
  • If by random calculations he/they must encounter enemy, so the combat start.
  • If they win they go on with the quest, and again the server calculate the probability of another encounter.
  • So on..
What do u think? Wouldn't it be a little boring just seeing a timer "es. 20m" decreasing and waiting for the minuts to end so u end the quest alone or with the whole party? I would be bored to wait 20m just for a quest instead of crafting soemthing for me or learning something else...

If u got any questiong just ask, i will answer when i can Posted Image Thansk!