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Alex Hopkins

Member Since 23 Aug 2012
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Journal Entries

Alex Hopkins' Journal > DirectX Cheat Sheet

Posted 29 August 2012

I find it hard to visualise the flow and complete process required for a game loop using DirectX11 so to help myself I made myself a kind of cheat sheet. It's based on the presumption that most things are obvious and that just the order and steps required are to be detailed. The render calls made to the Model class don't include a Draw call to the...

Alex Hopkins' Journal > Creating Unity-like GameObjects in C#

Posted 28 August 2012

One of the things I like most about Unity3D, apart from the rich editor environment, is the way the GameObject class is so rich. It provides access to many useful methods and exposes the things common to all objects within the game, such as position and rotation.

I wanted to emulate something similar for my C# DX11 engine, so I came up with this...

Alex Hopkins' Journal > Progress on "IOF" file format for OBJs

Posted 28 August 2012

I have finished "spec 1" of my custom model format, IOF. It is intended to remove a lot of the complexity of OBJ files that I won't be using but also introduce important features that I feel OBJ files are missing.

I am splitting the work of this format up until smaller "specifications" so that I don't spend months on finishing...

Alex Hopkins' Journal > Moving from C++ to C# (and SharpDX)

Posted 27 August 2012

I am switching my focus from C++ to C# for my landscape / environment engine, and switching from native DX to SharpDX.

There are many reasons for this, chief among them the speed at which you can achieve things in C#. I could continue my engine in C++ but the rate of progress wouldn't be great and given that this project will end up being a submission...

Alex Hopkins' Journal > OBJ files and indices

Posted 27 August 2012

So whenever I read about how to import a model into your game, it tends to be followed by suggestions that the user go and read the appropriate file format specification. Then a few suggestions related to model asset libraries like ASSIMP. I have tried many of the libraries and always seemed to have one or two issues with them, none of which were fatal, all...