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In Topic: Perlin Noise seamless chunks problem

25 August 2012 - 08:55 PM

Hi, I'm not entirely sure I understand your approach. I believe you're generating a heightmap based on a 2D slice of a 3D Perlin noise function. Is that correct? I gather that f is your frequency, and you call AddPerlinNoise once for each octave. I believe that you're meant to scale the contribution down by the frequency so it looks less spiky. I don't know what your float o is for, I suspect that may be the problem. if you pass a different value of o in for each block there would be inconsistencies. Given that your problem is between blocks, perhaps you need to show us the code for looping through blocks.

Hi Jeffery,

thanks for your response. You're right, I haven't provided the necessary information to give you guys the best chance of providing a solution.
I am indeed generating 2D heightmaps off of a 3D PerlinNoise function.
F is my frequency, o is an offset that is added to the result of the function as it generated slices of terrain with zero height. As I'm using it now, it has an offset of 0.25f.
I actually only run the noise function once per coordinate set as it is right now. I later on then add perturbation, erosion and smoothing. Wait a second....

I found the solution myself though, right now as I'm writing this - you gave me a lightbulb moment....
my erosion passes screwed up the seams! It's so obvious now... Since the erosion passes are performed on each chunk individually, they can't be truly seamless!

Thanks Jeffery for leading me on the right path - I hate when I sit with a problem so long that I just go completely blind to the obvious! :)