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Using MakeHuman..is it cheating?

27 March 2014 - 10:54 AM

I'm trying to design characters. I know how topology works. I know how to do it. But it takes significant amount of time and will end up draining my energy for actually designing the character. So I wanted to use makehuman to use for sculpting so I can focus on how it will actually "look" without worrying how topology and aesthetic design of the character bind together by manually doing it. Then bake the normal maps and retopologize it using 3ds or blender. Is this cheating? This is the sample character I made. Thanks alot. smile.png



Optimizing Random Generated Terrain Rendering for a Side Scrolling Game

18 March 2014 - 02:12 PM

So we got started on making a sandbox game. All went well. We got our terrain generation classes working and rendering. It worked perfectly fine. But I'm looking for ways to optimize it. Apparently, the terrain generation code doesn't have the so-called "Batching" where the whole world is ,if I'm right, being rendered and handled by the core engine as a single data or entity. Each and every tile is being rendered individually in every game loop. Which is, in my opinion, is god awfully horrible. Unfortunately, we still haven't found a way to fix this. I'm not looking for exact codes to do this rather I'm looking for tips and techniques to achieve this. We're relatively new to game programming. I just thought that I needed to stress that part out.

Also, we're using "IDs" for each tile of that the terrain generation uses. At the meantime, we are using 6 IDs just to keep it simple. No liquids yet. The coders of the terrain generation used std::map for the tile/item ids of the game. Because, we're also hoping to include a mod support using lua in the near future. We're using SFML 2.1.


How can we improve this terrain generation bug? Can anyone give any tips, technique or maybe even just a starting point to how we can fix this?


Also, can anyone give us a starting point to how we can serialize the world so we can save it into a file(Save/Load) or for use with sqlite? We tried reading minetest's code. Unfortunately, we aren't really that good at reverse engineering an existing code. So we got a little confuse on the most part. Sorry if I may sound like a complete noob. I just wanted to get this issues done and fixed asap.

Thanks alot. :)

Scaleform for PC Games?

11 November 2012 - 08:26 AM

Hey everyone.Straight to the point. See I started to research about how to make game menus for UDK for PC Games. And the problem is that most of what i find is about Scaleform. As far as i know, scaleform is used for mobile games. The question is, is it also compatible for PC Games?For Windows. If not, what are the other ways to make menus. This is my first time in Game Development. So, please guys help me out. Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

The menu doesn't neccessarily have to be as good as other games' menu. I just want to know the basics or techniques or ways to make it.

THanks in advance..Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Sound Editing and dubbing for games

09 November 2012 - 03:29 AM

Good day everyone.

I just want to ask if what application is best for sound editing and dubbing for games. We're about to finish the models for our game using blender and UDK.Thanks in advance.. :):)

CryEngine 3 or Unity 3d?

15 September 2012 - 01:32 PM

Hey guys, we're currently modeling our characters for an RPG game for the PC and hopefully Xbox360 using blender and 3ds maya.And i was wondering what do you guys think is the much better and suitable engine for an RPG game(fantasy game). They say that unity 3d is better because it's much easier to use but not much on the graphics quality.Plus some features are only available for PRO(which is i think around $1500,too much for our budget). One of those features that we needed on our game is the video playback(for the cutscenes maybe xD). CryEngine is great because first of all, it's entirely free and the features are great like the physics, lighting , advanced character animation and environment interactivity. It's downside though theres not much attention given to it unlike to Unity 3d(or at least that what i know for now).That downside makes us doubt of its reliability. What do you guys think is much better? CryEngine 3 or Unity 3d.