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Hi developers! Need feedback on Game idea...

27 August 2012 - 05:17 AM

Hi guys, we have an idea for which we are trying to find a developer..
But we feel we need more technical information and understanding before making a final proposal...
Any help is appreciated!!

1. What are the time / expertise / requirements to develop a 2D web-based game like HABBO? (http://www.habbo.com/)


a. you'd strip it to the bare essentials (no gestures, no currency, just 1 main room + generic private rooms)

b. add instant voice chat functionality

c. access the game via browser, on a website with profiles etc

2. It is my understanding that voice-chat is the major bottleneck; the programming of which would be hell, and the server requirements are to be enormous...Can someone agree or disagree ?

3. Costs.... if we were to hire a game developer to do this, what kind of price tag are we looking at? And what about the time-frame from concept to launch?

4. Is this something we could run and host ourselves, with in-house webdesigners/builders?
Or would we definitely need a long-term relationship with a game studio? What about servers needed etc?